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27th May 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of WordPress. From its cradle days in 2003 to all these years, WordPress has come a long way to become one of the most popular CMS platforms today. This has raised the expectation of the users in terms of security, speed, designs, etc. With its amazing free premium themes, it has become the favorite CMS among people who are short on budget to get their website design from experts and want to make their mark online. WordPress comes in a better version with its every release.

Lots of speculations are going on WordPress security. According to the latest study, 90978 hack attempts are being made on WordPress in every single minute. The entire community gets panicked with every new malware attack. So what future holds for WordPress? Will it still be able to maintain its popularity among its users? Let’s take a look at the expert’s prediction on the WordPress Security:

1) Jan Koch: According to this famous WordPress online mentor, WP team and community is aware of the needs of the people. They are making efforts to improve the overall experience of the users by updating their version, building landing pages, making blog layouts and services quite straightforward that is easy for users who aren’t tech savvy. In the coming days, securing WordPress sites will become more vital than what it is today. Since the team is bringing many developments, Koch feels that security (which usually gets ignored as per his experience) will become the primary focus for users. With rapid technological advancement such as the free availability of libraries for building neural networks, he believes that there will be more advanced attacks on WordPress sites.   

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2) Nile Flores: She is working with WordPress since last 12 years. She is also a tech blogger and helps people with their website design. According to her, Gutenberg—the new editor of WordPress, has made few plans which will make the content creation process easy. Additionally, developers have also come up with some amazing themes that can help users in building a new website easily. But she has noticed some security threats like unique pharma spam link or content injection code on each page and post. She believes that if the team makes users to add a security wall with their security plug-in, this can help them in securing their website.

3) Rhys Wynne: He is a WordPress developer and has released some premium plug-ins such as WP Email Capture. He also does freelancing WP development, helping people in making their website design look feature rich. According to him, shortly, hosts will take an active stance in protecting WP installations. They have shown their interest in the security of the platform as they are the first one to blame for hacking issues. More hosts having dedicated WP plug-ins will protect their servers.

4) Josh Pollock: He is a WordPress developer by profession and has developed one of the most potent plug-in — Caldera Forms. According to him, WordPress projects need to get serious about security. They should end support for PHP 5, insecure HTTP and hash passwords with a better algorithm. Apart from this, WP should start verifying that the downloaded files of plugins and themes are correct.

5) Alain Schlesser: He is a software engineer and WordPress consultant by profession, but has given his contribution in WP by developing a popular plugin named Yoast. According to him, with the introduction of Gutenberg, users will get to see an increase in the usage of WordPress REST API and a shift from server-side logic to client-side logic. With all these changes there will be new attack vectors on the WP platform enforcing the team to tackle with the new challenges. These challenges can be tackled with proper planning. He is also expecting that users will get to see the transitional phase with few ups and downs before the WP ecosystem adjusts with the new reality.

6) Nick Schaferhoff: He is an entrepreneur, online marketer, and a professional blogger. He also helps people by creating a fantastic website design to improve their businesses online. According to Nick, the biggest problem in WordPress security is the complexity. Although the WordPress core is a secure product, still WP websites can be compromised in so many ways.

7) Adam Preiser: He provides online WordPress tutorials for effective website design and development. According to him, one of the most critical assets for people is their website, and it’s time for them to take the security of their site seriously. He also states that WordPress security is much more than just preventing the hackers from logging into other’s websites. Since WordPress is gaining more popularity amongst its users, it has become essential for the WP team to provide security to its users that involve tools that will keep their website secure and safe.


With the trend of getting everything online, website security has become a necessity. Increase in the hacking attacks has become one of the most significant concerns in industries of all types. Given the impressive development that WordPress has witnessed over the years, experts are hoping for having a bright future for WordPress. According to them, no matter how stronger hackers grow, the community is committed to keeping the platform secure. Share this with your friends who are interested in knowing the future of WordPress security.

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