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Good software developers do not run the streets. It is enough to see the recruitment difficulties of the digital companies to realize that this kind of profile is a rare pearl. Conversely, when you’re a software developer, you often wonder how to improve to become better, and what makes another is considered good. Here are some answers.

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how to improve as a software developer

1. You have the analytical mind

Computer science is above all a business of analysis and logic. By having analytical capabilities right from the start, you’re on the right side to be among the best. For others, nothing is lost: with time and experience; your cognitive abilities will improve: reasoning, knowledge of languages, problem-solving, logic. In any case, the analytical mind is a necessary but not sufficient component to be considered a good software developer.

2. You have the team spirit

By choosing the digital way, you must know that you will never work alone. Of course, you are on your code, and you will have to be able to solve most of your problems autonomously. But in most cases, your system will be embedded in a project, in which many people participate (not just software developers). Thus, you will be integrated into a team or a project with all the benefits of this operation:

Mutual aid,


Group problem solving,

Shared moments of relaxation

3. You know how to question yourself

In computer science, things move fast, very fast, too fast. With experience, you will probably become good in a given field. But the technological and methodological evolutions being sometimes dazzling, you will have to accept to question you, to let slip your knowledge and your comfort to put you in danger. At the beginning of your career, you cannot imagine that the language and methods used will become obsolete a few years later. But a good software developer knows that only work and curiosity help to stay on top.

4. You are doing the eve

Do you know that things are moving? So take the lead and train yourself! The day before is an integral part of the job of the software developer. Read the general information sites, read the blogs, read the documentation, test the technologies and frameworks, learn, create things. You will not be used on a set of knowledge to develop in this or that technology. It’s up to you to take care of learning and mastering them. You will surely have training during your professional course. Enjoy it but do not stop there: training never replaced experimentation.

5. You take your time to earn

Generally, beginners go into their development without thinking. A good software developer knows that thinking and technical design are essential to quality code. At the beginning of your career, do not hesitate to take your time, to break down the problem, to visualize the architecture of the target code. Over time, this design will become almost mechanical. When you think about it, taking your time makes it possible to win: be it in the medium term by realizing a secure, reliable and maintainable code – which speeds up the maintenance and evolution tasks – or in the long term by developing its analytical mind – which accelerates future developments.

6. You (e) change your point of view

Whether at a business meeting, lunch with your colleagues or a conference, do not hesitate to give your vision and listen to different points of view. These exchanges are a great way to confront each other’s beliefs and possibly change them. By putting yourself in the other somebody’s shoes, by accepting to listen to his problems and solutions, you will enrich your own experience. Do not be resentful if you do not agree, accept your differences: no one holds a complete and immutable truth.

7. You are passionate

Last, and most important to me: passion. As in any other profession, passion will allow you to perform wonders, whether technically, regarding efficiency or to share your knowledge around you. If you put your temperament into the work and are passionate about your work, you will be able to go beyond yourself and create things that are beyond you. Doing a job, you love is the main driver of excellence.

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