Use Sound Effects Wisely to Give the Ultimate UX/UI to your Visitors

There are many aspects concerning the design part of a website like graphics and video which are always looked upon as the main features. But there are other aspects too that are very much required for enhancing the UX features of a website. The sound is one of them along with audio effects but not many companies look into this as an important factor. So in this blog, I’ll try my best to offer you enough information about this.

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I am sure that most of the readers are skeptical of what I am trying to connote them, so let me offer you an example so that you can understand my point of view. If you think that sound isn’t an important factor, just lower down the volume the next time you play Grand Theft Auto or watch your favorite movie. You’ll immediately notice the difference. In the same way, it is very important for websites especially offering entertainment and e-commerce transactions to apply sound to offer a good UI/UX experience to their current and potential customers.

Why Sound is Important for a Website’s Success?

We all hear sounds the entire day we are at work or even at home and only late in the night when there is some silence. While using a website, you have often noticed that sounds create the mood for a highly interactive experience of any website. Suppose that you are following an awards ceremony live on an entertainment or news website. The mood will set in as the moment nears when an award is about to be announced through the use of appropriate sounds. Same can be termed as following live scores of a baseball or football match.

In the similar fashion as mentioned above, web designing takes the cue and you can offer an excellent experience to your audience. Through gamification, you can offer an excellent way for your customers to interact with your website and that’s where animations, 3D visuals, and sound effects can really alleviate what a user gets to experience. Upon completing a certain task, a sound effect can make them happy and motivate them to go further in completing the complete game or all the tasks to achieve a badge or recognition.

Making a User Glued to the Screen and the Happenings

While stunning visuals is what every visitors looks forward to, sound can really make the experience standout. When you will listen to a pleasant sound upon the completion of a feedback form or clicking a button after finishing a task, it can have a really positive effect on you. Right from the early days of the Internet, there was a certain beep or indicating sound through which even a visually impaired person can understand that a certain task has been done or there’s something missing. We all can still rate to this.

Now that we are moving into a technological era where a visual screen will have less say rather than speech and voice control, the use of sound in your websites and online portals for a business can be really handy. Alexa and Sir are already very popular among people who have used them even sparingly at work and they will jump at a solution or experience offering such a support to them. In the future, who knows this will be the only way through which we will communicate with a machine?

Some of the best ways forward here can be related to the following 2 aspects:

1. Music

Just imagine a cult classic of your without the apt sound effect. Similarly, sound can make a website’s visiting experience an amazing and a pleasant surprise rather than a monotonous one.

2. Sound FX

Just like the gamification example, if every sound you listen upon achieving something or unlocking a goodie at any stage will excite the visitors of a website to no end, then I am sure they will really come for the experience over and over again.

Final Word

If you are based in NYC or any nearby region, you can take the heart from the fact that you can easily find a New York web design company that can help you in your bid to get a website which can offer an audio/visual experience to your visitors which they can’t forget.

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