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5 Reasons Why You Need a Responsive E-Commerce Design

No one can deny the fact that establishing a business has never been easy that it is now, thanks to the internet. You do not need a brick and mortar store anymore because you can easily establish an e-commerce store online. With changing trends, more people are browsing the web through their mobile devices. This means that you cannot survive in today’s competitive E-commerce market with an E-commerce website design.

Are you still not sure about having a mobile friendly E-commerce website design? Here are five reasons why you need a responsive website design for your E-commerce store.

Good for SEO

Google has made their intention very clear with the launch of accelerated mobile pages and a separate mobile search index. That is not all; Google has also started to push non-responsive websites down its search engine rankings. All that clearly shows that Google is endorsing responsive websites therefore, having a responsive E-commerce website is critical to ranking higher on search engines.

Deliver Smooth User Experience

Have you ever tried to open a desktop version of an E-commerce website on a mobile device? How does it look? It appears small and is quite tedious to navigate. Instead of delivering a smoother user experience, it confuses and irritates a user. You can easily fix this issue by getting a responsive website designs for your E-commerce store. Irrespective of which device your users are using, having a responsive E-commerce store will help you deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Cost Effective

There is no denying that getting a professional E-commerce website will be a huge investment but if you look it at in terms of a long-term investment, you will realize that it is cost effective. More importantly, this investment in responsive E-commerce design will pay you rich dividends for a long time to come. You don’t have to create separate version of your websites, which makes it easier to update the website. Remember an E-commerce website need to be updated frequently.

Attract More Customers

With the number of mobile internet users surpassing desktop internet users, it is obvious that a responsive website offers you more opportunities to attract more customers. You can target a broader audience tap into newer markets and increase conversion rate and sales. When users get a perfect user experience from your mobile friendly E-commerce site, they are more inclined to purchase products from your website.

Simple Maintenance

By having a single version of a website, you are saving a lot of time, hassle and money on website maintenance. This simplifies the whole process of website maintenance and makes it easier to maintain responsive websites. Additionally, it can reduce the maintenance cost you have to bear when you have different versions of websites for desktop and mobile. It is a big advantage especially if you take the frequency of updated on E-commerce website into account.


After reading this article, you will change your mind about going for a responsive design for your E-commerce store. It is not an option anymore; it is a need for survival these days. I hope that these five reasons will help you make up your mind to get a responsive design for your E-commerce store. Is getting a responsive web design important? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.