Important Tips to Save Money while Shopping for an Engagement Ring

It really feels good when you witness your special someone wearing that long-awaited smile, especially while buying a diamond engagement ring of her choice. A vast majority of shoppers tend to get overboard while buying diamonds as they’re concerned about crossing their budget. However, the diamond market is quite flexible contrary to the popular belief and the diamond dealers can show you through multiple options with varying price tags. In order to keep the cost of your diamond ring down, you might need to stretch your dollar.

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Consider these tips for buying diamonds on a dime:

Pick a Halo Ring

If you have checked out the latest range of halo set engagement rings in the market, you may have realized how easy it is to develop that illusion of wearing a large central diamond! You may pick a set that projects a small central stone accompanied by a single halo or a combination of two halos. Alternatively, you may choose to pick from among other options like that of the Venetian Stackable Ring or the Heirloom Ring for your engagement. Most of these styles are the most sought-after in the market.

Compare the Colorless

Wish to set a specific budget for your purchase? You may choose to pick a colorless variety ranging between J and H. You’re bound to achieve a great value for your diamond. While catching a naked-eye view of some multi-colored stones for your engagement ring, you’ll hardly notice any difference in color. Among the 4Cs (clarity, color, carat, and cut), the cut seems to be a key property of all diamonds. The manner in which light is passed inside a diamond is determined by its cut. It leaves an impact on the sparkling brilliance of the gemstone. The beauty of your preferred diamond never gets compromised when you opt for lower color and an improved cutting. A diamond manufacturing company is certainly aware of this.

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Limit the Size

You may end up saving dollars worth thousands once you get your lab-processed diamond with a lower carat weight. For instance, if you’re keenly interested in buying a diamond worth 2.0ct size, then you may actually get it customized to 1.91ct as its less expensive. In addition, you won’t find any optical variation as such.

Get Fancy Shapes

A fancy-shaped diamond is one that doesn’t depict a round cut. The price tags bear a lower amount for the radiant, pear, and other fancy-shaped diamonds since a lesser portion of the raw diamond is pulled out. Round cut diamonds have always been in trend and their price tags reflect their popularity. You may keep things within your budget by opting for these fancy-shaped diamonds.

Combine Stones

Have you got your eyes fixed on a three-stone ring and is now confused about accommodating three diamonds within your budget? You may choose to mix and match a few good stones that seem to go well in your ring. You may consider an option within $350 per carat initially, which can be upgraded later on.

If you’re really inclined towards keeping things within your budget, then you must opt for a lab-backed central diamond stone to be placed in combination with hybrid stones on both sides.

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