The Land of Maharajas and Rajput’s Rajasthan

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Rajasthan – a regal state known as the land of Maharajas and Rajput’s, a land of forts and palaces is a dreamlike fairy-tale destination. The famous golden triangle, a colorful melange of diverse cultures, delectable cuisines and rugged landscape, set amidst golden sand dunes – a grand palette a royal heritage state of India.  The sights and sounds of folklore, amber sunsets, blue royalty, and red sands will transport you into the land of paradise. Head to the most remarkable and extraordinary trip to Rajasthan to find yourself.

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Relish the pink city, full of wonderful palaces and Havelis, the mesmerizing deserts and feel delighted in the midst of colorful people and age-old culture giving strong vignettes of their culture, customs and rituals to understand the uniqueness of the land. Steeped in deep spirituality and historical Indian culture, Rajasthan has it all.

Rajasthan Tour Packages offers a wide range of holiday destinations from Jaipur to Udaipur to Jaisalmer, the cities are known to be the birthplace of various music and art form. The colorful attires and the vibrant site of dancer’s compliments the crimson sky and backdrop of golden sands is where the ancestral folklore stories of royals come alive. The religious significance of rustic glory of courageous Rajputanas truly reflect the ancestral journeys of the brave royals of Rajasthan.

The moving melodious sounds of traditional musical instruments make it a birthplace of rhythmic resonance of music and art forms. The golden glow of Jaisalmer, pink hues of Jaipur and vignettes of blue in Jodhpur is marked with a color and each of these regions are bordered by the interesting architectural structure. The intricate and significant carvings in forts, temples, palaces, havelis etc. are a visual treat depicting Rajputana culture.

The way the cities in Rajasthan changes and demarcate their borders by colors, the dialect, and cuisine changes as well.  You will find varied cultures in this independent yet steadily progressing state. Due to their hospitality and simple behaviour and humble cuisines and delicacies reflect the Rajputana culture in the purest form. The most famous dishes are Dal-Bhati-Churma, lal and safed maas etc. which are very popular and renowned dishes of Rajasthan till date. For several years Rajasthan depicts each nuance of its authentic civilization in its textiles, art, and crafts etc.  The synonymous to heroism, royalty, and honor and historic tales of battles fought will find the glimpses of remnants of the past on the walls of forts and palaces etc. Explore the glittering jewel of India – princely states of Rajasthan. The Rajputana states witnessed great leaders like Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Rana Pratap of Mewar etc.

Rajasthan is home to the Great Indian Thar Desert and the Chambal River and its topography is a potpourri of the sandy deserts and productive vegetation and camel carts.  Book Rajasthan Tour Packages and choose among a wide range of customized getaways.  To explore and visit popular forts and palaces of each city get in touch with travel agents or tour operators to visit some of the popular places in Rajasthan. Chittorgarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Junagarh Fort, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Luni Fort, Mandawa Fort are quite popular sightseeing destinations in Rajasthan. Lake Palace in Udaipur, Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Ram Bagh Palace in Jaipur and palace on wheels are quite popular among the tourists.

The other tourist attractions are Camel Safari and Desert Safari to enjoy the sand dunes of Rajasthan. You get to see the beauty despite adverse weather and a rugged landscape. The topography of Rajasthan is such that if you explore the interior villages, the warm welcome of the people, exotic and golden sand dunes with humble cuisines will delight your senses.

Rajasthan takes you to the princely palatial splendor with zestful culture. Ancient forts and shifting desert dunes, the state has its own charm that will have a spellbinding effect on you. Book your Rajasthan Tour Package and taste the scrumptious meals and explore the rich splendor of royal state. Why wait? Pack your bags and explore the vibrant colors, larger than life festivals, historical depictions. The traditional handicrafts, terracotta utensils, ethnic apparel is a must-visit state of India. The ever-growing tourist in Rajasthan is an example of how people across the globe want to experience the traditions of this princely state.

Choose from an awe-inspiring and unforgettable enriching journey to Rajasthan and book your itineraries online or book through travel agents or tour operators to experience soul-stirring Rajasthan. The simplicity of villages, visit forts, palaces, and wildlife and desert safaris with bustling cities, Rajasthan is both fusions of both modernity and tradition is truly captivating. The Rajasthan tour package, make the most of this spectacular state and feel the royal vibe of yesteryears. The mesmerizing experience to this vibrant colourful state will want you to come back again and explore this progressing modern urban state.

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