How to Survive Your Visa Interview?

how to prepare for visa interview

Studying abroad is a dream for many students. Students who wish to pursue their education overseas often fear of the Visa interview. Like if a student has applied to a US university he/she will have to face the interview as a mandatory fragment of the visa. For some students, this can be a terror! But, here we are sharing the keys to a successful ‘Visa Interview’….

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Confidence and smile!! Yes, these are the basic and the most important factors for a successful interview. You need to understand that the interviewer is not going to kill you his job is to check whether you are the right candidate and you genuinely deserve to go his country.

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Just don’t go on his facial expressions as they may divert you as they do it deliberately to check your confidence but just be confident and stick a smile on your face and you are good!! Generally, the Visa interview lasts for 3-4 minutes only. Take It more like a normal conversation with an official so you don’t have to bear the pressure.

The basic thing required for the interview preparation Is the confidence but you can also take help from the Study abroad consultants in Delhi to prepare for the same as they are professionals who have good experience of helping students.
So, start your homework and be interview ready

Usually, the Visa interviewer may not ask for any document contrary to the belief BUT it is recommended that you should go for the interview fully prepared while carrying all your documents before applying for Indian Visa.

Here are some important tips you should consider while preparing.

  • Arrange all your documents in a file neatly.
  • It is highly suggested that you write your SOP by yourself and before your interview go through it thoroughly.
  • You should know the program and about the university, you are going to join completely. Like you should know what modules are there in your degree and where is your university located etc.
  • Study all your financial documents, you should be confident about your sponsor’s (in case it’s not you) financial history and all the documents.
  • You should also be able to convince the interviewer that why have you applied for the particular course, how the course will be beneficial to you and why don’t you want to do it in your home country.
  • You should have a strong answer explaining your roots to your country and should be able to give them a message that you are going to come back to your own country (irrespective of all you planning of settling there:
    Stay positive- before leaving for the interview visualize that you have got the visa approved and stay positive before and during the interview.
    Confidence- It is the most important factor during the whole process. So be confident and rock the interview.

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