Reasons You Should Buy an SUV for Your Family

Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs is a four-wheeled automobile that is sturdy enough to drive in rough terrains and slippery surfaces and built to be large enough to fit several people. These vehicles, have many models, like the Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines, and are quite multipurpose as drivers do not have to worry about damage in cities or unstable roads. No wonder, they have become so popular. Their global sales increased by 12% in 2017.

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If you have a family, your highest priority is safety and space. A race car may look pretty sexy and ride super-fast, but your kids may not feel comfortable or even fit into the vehicle. You would also want something you can use for any trip with your loved ones. These are the reasons why SUVs are the perfect family car.

Fuel efficiency keeps on getting better

Due to climate change, automobiles have to keep up with fuel economy goals that have been set up by the government. This is why automakers have to constantly innovate several aspects of a car, so they can you use less fuel gallon per mile and in turn, release less carbon dioxide.

People have falsely believed that SUVs will be expensive to drive due to needing more fuel compared to other models. According to the EPA, the average of fuel efficient vehicles reached a record 24.8 miles per gallon in 2015.

The protection from crashes is higher than other cars

If you and your family ever crash to a tree or get crashed in the back by another driver, SUVs are one of the safest automobiles to be in.

When two cars both experience a front-end crash, the lighter vehicle will usually take more damage thanks to physics. SUVs are one of the biggest vehicles, and because of this, someone with a non-SUV car will die 4 and a half times to 7.6 times more likely.

This is especially important, in countries where road regulations are heavily ignored by the citizens. Philippine traffic is well known globally thanks to the disobedience of several drivers. Their disobedience of the law has also lead to a lot of accidents and deaths of fellow vehicles. With a family, accidents are one of the most important problems to prevent and parents should take all possible precautions.

Large and medium-sized cars have better value for the price

SUVs can carry a capacity of at least 2500 lbs and the smallest class of these automobiles fit a minimum of five people. Parents and their children can definitely travel to far places for vacations with a lot of luggage. Large sized SUVs fit 8 to 9 people, while mid-sized models can fit more young children in the third row.

Despite the emphasis on comfort and safety, style is also taken into account. SUVs are especially good to look at if they were under luxury brands. The Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines is designed to fit harsh conditions, it also has an elegance and sleekness for days drivers want to use it to ride the city.

Key Takeaway

A lot of automotive magazines in Asia has been saying that SUVs are now the king of the road and the era of sedans are over. There is no doubt that SUVs popularity in the world is rising because of the increasing demand for vehicles that have huge spaces and great quality.

If you have a big family or even just starting one, it is great to consider purchasing an SUV over smaller vehicles like sedans and AUVs. Before you buy your car, always consider your needs. This will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to switch cars.

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