Car Parking Lot Safety: Dos and Don’ts

One of the many struggles Filipinos are currently experiencing is finding a good parking spot. Over the years, the heavy traffic situation and the number of cars operating in the country tripling have greatly affected the parking system in the Philippines. Sure, you probably have done a lot of things to help reduce the problem like coming in early to find a good parking spot, but then again, it is not enough. Sometimes, you might even end up forgetting etiquette when finding a place to park your car. Here are some practical tips to remember while parking your vehicle:

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Car Parking Lot Safety: Dos

Park in Designated Parking Places

Given that there are certain areas where you can park your car, many still decide to park in non-parking spaces like pedestrian lanes, crossings, and sidewalks since waiting for a vacant space can test a driver’s patience. Do not park near schools and emergency exits to avoid your car getting towed by the authorities.

Stay Alert

Always look around your surroundings. Know the right places to stop and don’t tailgate other cars. People tend to easily get distracted if they don’t keep their eyes on the road. Give a signal to other motorists if you’re waiting for a vacant space or when leaving the parking spot.

Follow Parking Rules and Regulations

This rule is simple and self-explanatory, yet people choose not to follow just because they can. May it be as simple as not losing the parking ticket or not following the signs where to enter and exit, always follow the basic rules to avoid getting charged with penalties because these can get quite expensive.

Respect the Door Space

Yes, it is difficult to get that perfect angle, but you have to respect the spaces between the doors of the cars beside you. Make sure that the space between the lines are not too tight so that cars that will park beside you will not have a hard time going in and out of their cars. You’d be lucky if you get away with this but if you come across an impatient driver, he/she might not care if your car got hit by their door.

Respect Other Drivers

Always give courtesy to fellow drivers. Never fight for the same parking spot. Respect the authorities and your fellow drivers if mistakes been made. You wouldn’t want to have a bad reputation for being a bad driver to other people.

Car Parking Lot Safety: Don’ts

Be Aggressive

If everything just seems to go wrong, drivers tend to experience road rage. Never honk your horn loudly as it is a sign of impatience. Avoid reversing your car at a high speed at all costs because this can cause accidents. Everything goes well when motorists keep a calm head when driving and make sure that road rage is at a minimum.

Block Other Vehicles

You wouldn’t want to keep other drivers waiting just so you can pull out your car if you’re blocking their driveway. Blocking other vehicles can cause traffic. There’s even a high chance of your vehicle getting towed.

Be a Greedy Driver

Some establishments follow a “first come, first served” policy when parking cars. Some drivers bring other people to be “stand-ins” in order to reserve a place for themselves, but it’s not always a good idea. Always give way to other drivers if you’re not planning to park any time soon, especially during peak hours.

Take Parking Spaces for Disabled Persons

Its been 30 minutes since you arrived in the mall and still you’re going circles around the parking lot looking for a parking space because its Saturday and everyone is at the mall. You see a spot and see the “disabled” sign but you don’t care and park there. These spaces dedicated for disabled people might not always be occupied but always be mindful of these spaces intended for them so that they won’t have a hard time walking.

Key Takeaway

With these tips, you’ll be out parking your car like a pro. Parking etiquette takes time to master especially for new drivers and. Let this article his serve as a reminder to car owners to always be mindful of their fellow motorists. Despite the harsh traffic congestion, everything will go smoothly if you simply have the right mindset and implement a better parking system.

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