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How to Unlock Microsoft Access Database Password – MDB File

Stuck with your lost MDB File Password? Want to Recover Access Database(.mdb) file password but won’t able to recover? No need to worry as this tutorial is written for the query ‘how to unlock Microsoft Access Database password safely irrespective of data loss.

Microsoft Access database comes with MS Office Suite, it’s a relational database management and application-development platform too. Basically, it is the combination of MS Jet database engine and Graphical User Interface.

Practical Scenario’s to Recover Access Database Password

“I’ve had an access MDB file protected with a password by one of my administrator who is no longer in our organization, is there any way to get rid of the password to open the MDB file?”

“I have forgotten the password of a Microsoft Access Database. Can anyone please help me how to open that database”

‘One day I open an old MDB file and enter the password but whenever I type the password it keeps prompting me ‘Password entered is incorrect’. I am quite sure the password is right but why it displayed incorrectly? Then I tried to enter everything which I remember like my phone number, the DOB, the name of my pet, whichever password I remembered. However, I was unable to open that particular MDB file.

‘The company I work, Inherited a Microsoft access database when they purchased the company many years ago. The database has worked well for creating reports. However, the computer that the database was on became outdated and needed to be replaced to do other hardware issues. The database was copied onto a new computer, but whenever employees want to edit a record, they are unable to do so. Each time they the open that particular MDB file it asks for the password, but password which we remembered was not working. This is the point where we got stuck’

Manual technique’s to Remove MDB File Password

Password defending an Access MDB file permits you to defend sensitive data from prying eyes. At times, you might encrypt Access by means of a password and then misplace or overlook password and now unable to open secured Access MDB database file consequently. Now no need to get panic, as you can easily recover Access database password within in single click on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Visita. Few techniques are used too frequently to unlock .mdb file password those are: Brute-Force Attack, Dictionary attack, etc.

Limitation of Removing MDB File Password Manually

Above techniques are very time taking and might be possible that they fail to recover Access database password. Also, it’s not an easy task to implement such techniques and chances of corruption increases. So, one should only use such tricks or techniques at their own risk.

Alternate Solution To Unlock MS Access Database Password

One of the best User-friendly solutions to recover and unlock lost MS Access Database File password is with Access Password Recovery Tool, which is a widely praised software by its several users. This tool help to recover original MDB file password within few seconds. It is really a professional Access password remover and can capable to unlock MDB File Password created on MS Access versions 2010, 2007, 2003,2000,97 and other below versions. So with this alternate solution, you can instantly recover your forgotten Access file password no matter how long or typical the password is.


In this article we have discussed how to recover lost MDB file password using manual and automated solution. We recommend Access Password Recovery tool as it helps to recover any type of MDB file password instantly without any hindrance.