Why You Should Outsource Live Chat Operators

outsource live chat

Gone are the days when customers were supposed to wait for long hours to get their queries resolved. If your business is still making customers wait for hours for a response then you definitely need to change your business strategy.

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Because today, everybody is busy and has no time to wait for anything. Customers have become smarter. They don’t wait long for responses and rather prefer the one who responded them first.

Live chat support is the assistance provided to customers in which they get an instant response or resolution to their query. In fact, live chat can be used to engage potential customers at the right time and help you increase your sales by driving number of leads in very less time.

Earlier, people used to send emails and waited for a day or more to get the response back. While today, many companies have taken the smarter move and are using live chat support to assist their customers. Therefore, if you still aren’t using the service then I will give you more reasons why you must outsource live chat support.

Benefits of hiring live chat support agent

One of the most important aspects of live chat is that it allows you to have a real-time conversation with your customers. Now, you might be thinking that the phone also allows a real-time conversation and even it is the fastest way to contact customers. Then why live chat?

Live chat allows you to find who you are actually talking to on the website and let you see who is on your website. However, phone and emails allow you to know about customers only when they call you or write to you.

While this is just one of the most unique benefits, there are many others that you should know. Let’s see what they are-

Allows you to handle many customers at the same time

I agree that the phone is the fastest way of communication. But can you handle if not large, but five or six customers at the same time on the phone? Obviously not. But with live chat, you can handle a number of customers at the same time, without making much effort.

The fastest outreaching channel

How? When customers call you or when you call them, you are first supposed to greet them and then you need to give a brief info about yourself such as who you are and from where you are calling. While with live chat, there’s no requirement of such things. You don’t need to waste any time on the meet and greet part of the conversation. The customer only needs to type his/her query in the chat box and enter send. The best live chat tools will deliver the resolutions in seconds. Hence, outsourcing live chat support services could be the fastest way to reach a number of customers.

Increases sales

As I mentioned earlier, you can be able to see who is visiting your website and how many people are actually present on the website. You can also keep the track of what they are actually doing on the website.

“Suppose, somebody is on your product page. You noticed that the person is going back and forth between two similar kinds of products for a long time which indicates that the person is interested in your products. So you can, without any hesitation, start the chat with the viewer and can clear his/her doubt. Maybe that person is making up his/her mind to purchase the product.”

One of the best parts of the live chat’s feature, website monitoring is that it can be automated. It can automatically start a chat with the viewer who is likely to buy. This way a live chat support can prove effective in increasing the sales for your business.

Can be used as an upselling tool

Since you can monitor each and every activity of the visitors on your website, you can know what product they are looking to buy. At the same time, you can interrupt them and ask a few questions related to what they are seeking for. Then you can guide or suggest to them the product with a higher value so that you can make most of each sale. Hence, a live chat can also be considered as an upselling tool.


A live chat support can be beneficial for your business in many other ways as well, such as a lead generation tool, getting an extra business intelligence, removing language barriers, making marketing efforts more fruitful etc. But according to Customer Service Report, 58% of companies use live chat for both sales and support, however, 23% of them use it strictly for support. Hence, you can outsource live chat support service for whatever use you want to.

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