How You Can Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe on Their Mobile Phones

Kids Are Safe on Their Mobile Phones

There’s no question that children are getting mobile phones much younger these days. Kids as young as 6 have been known to have the latest iPhone model. While I think kids having phones at that age is a little extreme, everybody has their own unique view on it. Whatever you think, it’s important to keep kids safe on their phones. Phones aren’t just for making calls these days, you can send messages, pictures, and videos to just about anyone with the help of apps. The following tips will help you to ensure your kids are safe on their phones:

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Put a Lock on It With Their Provider

The first thing you should do is ensure you’ve put a lock on the phone with your child’s mobile provider. You can do this by logging into their online account and changing the settings, or sometimes by simply calling the company. This should stop them from seeing (either accidentally or purposely) something that they shouldn’t. They may get frustrated by this, but some things are too grown up for them to view. You don’t always know what they are looking at, so make sure you take this precaution.

Consider Cell Phone Monitoring

Cell phone monitoring is an option if your child is going to school with their mobile phone or taking it out with their friends. Some people won’t feel comfortable with this, but if you’re worried about who your child is speaking to, it can help. You’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of it to decide what’s best, like Vertexlab. Some would look at this as spying on your child, but if you think it’s necessary then it could help. Follow More post from my blog like as Start a blog with WordPress.

Download Apps to Help

Some apps are a godsend when it comes to kids and mobile phones. Here are just a few of the apps you could download and how they can help:

Sygic Family – this app will help you to check where your family members are in real time and know how much battery they have left. You could check that they are where they say they are, and have them check in so you know they’ve got there safely. You can even send messages for free providing you have an internet connection. If there’s somewhere you’d rather your children didn’t visit, you can even set this as an unsafe zone and be alerted if they enter this area.

MamaBear – This clever app allows you to keep watch over your child’s Facebook feed. You’ll be alerted if there is any suspected bullying or use of foul language. Soon there should be a version for Twitter too, so you can keep a watchful eye on your child whatever social platform they are using.
The best way to make sure your child is safe is to avoid giving them a phone until they are mature enough to handle one. If you want to get them something to play with, get them a special kids tablet or even an iPad before a mobile phone.

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