How to protect kids from cyber bullying?

Impacts of cyberbullying on kids

The traditional offline bullying and cyberbullying have seriously damaged the behavior of kids and teens. But since the term, online bullying has introduced worldwide and on the other hand, the rapid expansion has undermined the mental growth and self-confidence of youngsters. Today, young children are experiencing cyberbullying in the digital world and the online predators mostly target the youngsters that are more devastating and threatening situation for parents these days. Children are scared to visit their social media apps accounts because they are facing cyberbullying on every social platform such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Snapchat and plenty of others alike.

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Impacts of cyberbullying on kids

Impacts of cyberbullying on kids

It depends on the psyche of the young victim, if he/she is stronger enough to heal the wounds of cyberbullying, then depression, anxiety, stress, mode swings are the common signs. However, the victim in the shape of a young soul may start living alone and don’t take part in activities with the peers, family, and others as they have been used to of. Anger at the behavior and always making plans to avoid presence in the school and the grades suddenly starts declining.

These are the main issues have found in the children that are strong enough but even then they have they may get these sings when it comes to experience bullying online. However, the victims those are not stronger enough such as teens, the impacts could be dangerous and they may commit suicide. The cases have been reported over the year which says a young teen has committed suicide because of the cyberbullying or traditional offline bullying. Save teens from cyber predators.

Report Linker Survey:

It says the social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram are the most fascinating social messaging apps for Generation “Z” and for young kids and teens as well. It further says, 71% of the Generation Z and 66 percent of young kids and teens are using these two famous instant messengers. Furthermore, 74% adults and youngsters are using Facebook social media app.

General Tips for parents to protect kids from cyber-bullying

  • Parents should be aware of kids and teens devices and their digital us.
  • Parents should address their kids and teens about the online predators the time they are using social media for the first time.
  • Parents should guide their children about Netiquette.
  • Teach your kids how to report if someone is bullying them online.
  • Guide your kids that don’t share their personal information on social media.
  • Parents should use the parental control software to keep an eye on children’s digital activities.


Use Parental control app on your kid’s devices

The parents can use the parental software on kids and teens smartphones. They can subscribe to the phone surveillance software on their teens and kids devices such as Android, IOS, and blackberries. Once the parents have installed the kids monitoring app on their kid’s phone, then they can track their all the activities happen on their cell phones along with the complete time stamp and come to know to whom they call, text messages, shared media files and other activities. Parents can spy on social media activities with IM’s social media of the cell phone tracking software. Parents can view IM’s logs such as chat conversations, group conversations, audio, and videos calls on the messengers, shared media such as photos and videos and sent or received Voicemails. However, parents can remotely block the activities in-case of emergency such as they can remotely block teen’s text messages, incoming calls and even block the internet.


Parents can protect their kids and teens from cyberbullying and can view their all activities they do on social media platforms with cell phone surveillance app.

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