How to install Whatsapp on jiophone 2? | youtube for jiophone 2 | Full details here.

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Today we will tell you full details on How to install whatsapp on Jiophone 2 ?

| How to install Youtube on Jio phone 2? Below is full details.

The Jio was planned to launch its new social app Whatsapp and Youtube this week for its newly launched feature phone Jio phone 2 A step to towards making it smartphone but things haven’t exactly planned out that way.

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But soon they will be reaching out to their user in upcoming days as said by the Reliance Jio. While the Youtube has been made now available via Jiostore, but their is also a problem that not all of the user will able to download it via Jiostore.

Jio has said that the app will roll out gradually as all jio phone is not updated to its latest version so user can access it from Jiostore after the software update which is going to roll out in upcoming days.

As we saw the Whatsapp and YouTube were demoed live and that all the features of the apps will be available to Jiophone users during the launch.

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It is also claimed that Youtube has been available to several users, but still who didn’t got the software update, they have to wait for update with youtube app.

Jio has rolled out its update but not for every device, the update will provided gradually to the users in upcoming days ,so that their can not be any lag in services.

Whatsapp on Jio Phone

The reason  behind it may be some last-time improvement required in the app to function like the regular app.While talking about the wahtsapp on Jiophone, Jio didn’t cleared anything why it is making delayed to roll out whatsapp for its users.

But youtube can be watched on the browser by using url. But this steps are very hard like to open browser and than entering the address when you exit ones you have to repeat the following steps.

But the same thing has been done in the Youtube app too. It is made in a web browser version. You can search, discover content by using the phone’s joystick like playing video using full screen mode too.

Whatsapp specification

On whatsapp, you can perform all the basics thing like sending messages, sharing of videos and audio files, replying to chats creating groups and sending a voice message by creating one.

Also Jiophone have has the apps like Google map, Hotstar, Google assistance and Bookmyshow etc.

And Now whatsapp and Youtube will make it more smart. Wait for the new update which will bring the update of new smart apps. There are also some tricks for whatsapp you should know.

Comment what you think about the jio phones new app.

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