What Features to look for in an Online Payment API


The businesses nowadays are focused on creating payment solutions to offer a higher rate of customer satisfaction easing their financial transactions. By building or developing a website or an application to function as a payment gateway and a payment processor businesses can scale new heights. An experienced software development company in India helps you to build online payment solutions based on the Restful Online Payment API.

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What is an online payment solution?

An online payment solution is a means by which transactions take place electronically on online platforms like a payment website or e-wallet instead of the credit card terminal. It’s a virtual credit card terminal that allows your customers to pay online. In simple words it is the transaction that takes place between two persons at the two ends of the computer network unlike those taking place via the means of banks or financial institutions. For businesses it is a boon as it makes all financial transactions swift and cashless.


The functions of a Payment solution are twofold:

  • Payment Processor: It works as a medium that processes transactions or give and take of money between businesses. It means if a company ‘X’ wants to make a payment to a vendor ‘Y’ it can do it through a payment solution like Paypal as it will process what is the amount to be given, how it has to be paid and to whom.
  • Payment Gateway: It functions as a gateway through which financial transactions can seamlessly take place. For example if a business is situated at one country and the vendor to whom it is to be paid is situated in another country it serves as the trusted medium to carry out the transactions.

What is an online payment API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of some lucidly defined methods and protocols to build software. Web APIs can also be said to be defined interfaces via which interactions take place between an enterprise and the applications that employ its assets. This is also a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to clearly state the functional provider and show the service path or URL for the users of its API. It is an architectural approach which is around providing a program interface to a set of services to different applications serving different types of consumers. If you are looking for developing a mobile app using the API you can hire the services of the Leading software development company in India.

A payment API binds together your existing digital processes to link to your company’s checkout system to a network acquiring payment. Payment gateway APIs directly impacts your relationship with your customers, making them worth a second look if you aren’t currently using one.

Benefits of API in payment solutions

  • Ability to interact in multiple platforms like mobile apps and social networks
  • A quick access to real time data to understand customer’s purchasing behavior
  • Offers variety and flexibility of payment options across geographical limitations
  • By employing the security measures like PCI-DSS Protocols, SSL and HTTPS financial data remains safe.

Features of online payment API

The latest designThe API interface has been constantly evolving with new standards emerging. The most common API design is RESTful, which has become the ‘API standard’ of web-based services. It is important because it makes the developer’s job smooth and easier when it comes to integration, and it simply represents that the payment gateway is focused on latest technology use and has incorporated modern designs and practices. A skilled Android app developer uses latest technology to develop smart online payment solution.

The security guarantee: Since the payment solution is all about people’s hard earned money, it is very important that financial data remains safe and secured free from theft and misuse. PCI-DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards certification is mandatory for every merchant, enterprise or business to accept credit or debit cards whether online or offline. It requires 12 criteria to be met in 6 areas in terms of security. Try to understand what PCI scope your business will fall under if you use a particular API.  Also try to look for what options you have for securing your interface, and if the API has easy-to-use fraud protection built-in which will be a huge benefit.

Ease of use: The right payment API will make the process of integration easy and simple. This implies having an easy-to-implement drop-in code (Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, WCF, Python) that’s able to flawlessly move across whatever software and operating platforms your business is functioning on.

Focused on multiple channels: The businesses today need to cater to diverse sects of customers therefore, the payment solutions must have API tools that enables smooth payment processing across multiple channels like mobile apps too. There are so many leading travelling apps are there which are using this technology for secure online payment system and provides satisfaction to their users.

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