Every Reason to Buy Buckeye TV and Internet Bundles

When you have highly-rated and affordable TV and Internet Bundle providing ISPs like Buckeye, you cannot ask for more. And how else would you imagine spending your free time, but sitting in front of your TV, hooked to your favorite TV shows, enjoying long and effective communication with your loved ones, and among, each other, hoping to make the day end smoothly!

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Let’s get to the details of the most efficient TV and internet service provider company’s package details:

Buckeye Cable Channels are Incredible

The major reason to buy Buckeye Cable Internet packages is that of the many channels it adds to your chosen plan. You can choose your required plan from one of the three: Select, Silver, and Gold Plan. Each plan will have a specific number of channels matching the price and the offer. What’s more promising is that, with purchase of even the base plan, you will still have 125+ channels. The Silver plan offers 175 and more channels, while Gold gets you to a number of 200+ channels. That’s simply great! You’re still getting the most wanted channels, ESPN and CNN in the most basic package.

Buckeye Movie Channels – Where the Fun Begins

Your fun and entertainment rocks when you upgrade your tier from Select to Silver and Gold. Silver will give you the non-stop entertainments like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, while Gold will give even more premium movie channels. And now, even these movie channels are not just about movies, but great series as “Game of Thrones”, “The Sopranos” and more. So you’re actually asking for non-stop fun with Buckeye Cable Channels.

All in Amazing HD Quality

Buckeye is not only the best Internet service provider but it also gives crystal-clear and crisp quality on screen. They believe in HD and that is why the results of channels are great. You’re probably aware that HD delivers 6 times better screen resolution of SD – that’s like watching your favorite TV shows with the highest-resolution. The HD part comes free and loaded with fun.

A Free Gift to Load up Your Game – DVR

Charter makes your dreams come true with its TV packages. It gives you a FREE DVR with every single deal you take. This means you will never have to rush home after work to avoid the fear of missing on your favorite primetime shows, or if you’re on a vacation it avoids the fear of not being able to keep up with all your favorite shows. Generally, with other cable service providers, the DVR may cost extra. But with Buckeye, you will get the DVR for free.

You can use this DVR and connect with 4 TV sets at a time. You will also have the choice of saving up the data because it has enough storage option. Enjoy the convenience of stopping, rewinding, playing, or going to the parts you missed with just the presence of this DVR! The dream of controlling TV becomes a reality with Charter Internet and TV.

The Great Pay-Per-View Offers of Buckeye

Some of the events are so full of amusements that Buckeye offers them only on Pay-Per-View option. This may include anything like MMA cage match or a heavyweight boxing match. This may also include live concerts and other such entertainments. So, instead of you heading to the local cinema, you can invite friends over and use Buckeye PPV events. There are even more incredible features, once you sign up for Charter cable Package.

Best TV Internet Bundles and Prices

By now you must be convinced and ready to sign up for Charter Internet and Cables services in your area, but there’s still more. It offers you the most reasonably priced attractive bundles. The most wanted and famous bundles by Buckeye are “Triple Play” bundles – it includes TV, internet, and Voice. The price of the package goes down when you choose to sign up for the three service together.

For instance, if you choose the Triple Play Select package, you will pay $29.99/mo for each service. The higher you go with your bundle choice, the lower the price. The services included in the bundles are also equally good. For internet, you will get 60 Mbps of upload and download speed which enables you to stream videos and music and play your favorite games.

The bundle you choose determines your requirements – you can take Double Play instead of Triple Play, such as Internet and TV bundle by Buckeye Broadband. But in any case, you will save money and that should be your aim in getting entertainment – at the best price.

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