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Today’s world English is an important language, it connects different cultures, states and individuals. People with different cultures, different language when interact with each other, of course use this global language. Grammar in English matters a lot because it is the way in which English are encoded into wordings in the English Language.  Grammar includes Verbs, Adverbs, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, clause, phrase, determiners and quantifiers. For example, while writing on any niche like tech with android, fashion or etc it is necessary to take care of grammar.

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The only way to improve your English Grammar is through practices of writing and speaking English and implements it into your everyday situations, such as writing papers, giving presentations and tries to communicate in your workplace or in your classroom.

There are a lot of tools available in market through which we can check errors of grammar in articles and many writers suggest of using these tools for writing anything. Tools play an important role in everyday life of writers. Checking grammar and spelling are the last and most important steps to creating a well-crafted document. Many of tools have multiple functionalities and many tools have similar. Here is some Top Grammar list of tools for writers:


1: Microsoft Word

I have been using Microsoft Word for 3 years and I must say, it is the best FREE grammar checker tool. Grammar errors will be marked with a blue squiggly underline. To spell-and-grammar-check an entire document, click the REVIEW tab and click the Spelling & Grammar button. Word will go through your all spelling mistakes one by one and allow you to fix them. It saves your time you don’t need to read each line to check grammar.


2: Grammarly

Grammarly is the best free grammar checker tool and it works as it automatically check your spellings and mistakes. Grammar Mistakes, Spelling mistakes and other punctuation mistake can easily be handled through this tool. Grammarly works best using the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Grammarly has a feature to check for plagiarism that it is not as robust as Turnitin.

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3: Spellchecker.net

It is online checker tool, it will help you to write error free English and also help you to identify common errors for example “man” instead of “man” and best thing is that, it is available in advanced mode in which complex errors also check. With this free spell checker and grammar checker, you can avoid simple and complex errors and create error-free text with confidence.

Clean Writer Pro

4: Clean Writer Pro

A distraction-free minimalist writing tool designed for writers, journalists and creative people. It is not freely available.  It is available for both Mac App Store and windows. This program does not give you the facility to zoom in and out when you feel the difficulty of small seeing; the only way to increase the print size is to increase the font.

What’s new in Clean Writer Pro?

  • It improves stability, fixed formatting bar and blurred text issues.
  • Rich text mode is now allowing creation of lists.


5: WhiteSmoke

This software is released by WhiteSmoke Inc. It is also not freely available but it works best for checking grammar mistakes. It checks even the smallest grammatical errors in your writing. It also suggests you how to correct each mistake.

What are the Pros and Cons?

  • Pros: Provides affordable grammar-checking software, and easily buy lifetime license.
  • Cons: WhiteSmoke Anywhere plan cannot be integrated with Microsoft Office software.

Here is again, what we have concluded?

These are the main 5 solid and well known spelling and sentence structure checker tools. I prescribe these tools for independent writer, bloggers and understudies who have huge written work projects. These tools will correct your sentence structure and grammar and will go about as your editing tools as well.

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