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Building a Restaurant Website? Here’s what you should know

Your website is your digital home. It not only gives you web presence but also a tool to establish your restaurant’s brand with review-centric websites and food critics.

If you have a restaurant but no website, potential customers have no choice but to look you up on review websites, such as Yelp. That means, your business is dependent on your customers’ reviews. A single poor review can trigger more and finally, negatively affect your business.

If you are wondering what to do, you can certainly do something about this.

Build your own website!

All traffic related to your restaurant is directed to your website first. You can also claim your restaurant on other sites and add your website to it. This will again direct the traffic back to your website and also confirm to Google that your business is about food.

In the real world too, your website brings new foot traffic to your local business. Your website gives you a stronger presence by offering a glimpse of your business and the quality of your products and services.

In short, your restaurant’s website serves as an extended billboard. Design your website and the content on it such that it is informative and includes best SEO practices.

Think like a person who would be looking to eat the cuisine you offer food. When you’re hungry and expect Google to give you a listing of restaurants (local or nearby) that specialize in (your type of) cuisine and your website shows up, would you go ahead and make a reservation?

Did you know that an average user spends less than 3 seconds to decide whether or not the website and the content on it align with his/her wants or needs?

If you were a potential customer, you would obviously expect a full menu with descriptive, clear photos of the food or meals. You expect an ‘About Us’ page that describes the type of food served and about the restaurant itself. You want to see the restaurant photos. And if you like it, you want to make reservations.

Now imagine how frustrating it would be when a person visits your restaurant’s website and some or many of the above mentioned features are missing!

So you should make the most out of this opportunity by providing detailed information, smooth navigation, reduce friction and following great SEO practices.

A perfect restaurant website should offer:

  • Stunning visuals
  • Excellent readability
  • User friendliness
  • Updated Information
  • Responsive website

To build great websites, you need the best online website and/or store builder. One great example is Webbie Express. With over 20 years of experience in website building, Webbie offers an intuitive and easy to use interface which means literally anyone can build a nice looking, responsive website easily!

About Webbie Express

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