Braun Series 7 Differences: 790CC vs 760CC vs 799CC vs 7865CC

Braun series 7

With the current Braun shaver, the 9 series, which is still offered at a higher price, the proven Series 7 seems increasingly an attractive alternative.

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On the other hand, for most men, the 7 Series still represents the best option since it is a great compromise between performance and costs and very few men are really going to benefit from the characteristics of the 9 series.


The 7 Series is a great choice for men with sensitive skin who suffer from skin chafing, but also for those looking for a high-quality electric shaver that is able to provide shaved hasty and comfortable.


There are a lot of variations of the best Braun series 7 replacement head and trying to decide which one to buy can be frustrating and confusing. But, in reality, things are much simpler when we consider the differences that really matter between the different models of Series 7.


In this post, we are going to address precisely that and we will help you reduce your options and hopefully you will make the best decision.




Looking over the 7 Series


The Series 7 was launched in 2010 and became one of the best-selling electric shavers of all time.


It was and continues to be highly acclaimed for its performance, especially for the supreme comfort it provides during shaving.


For other manufacturers, the 7 Series was the razor to beat, as it quickly became the unofficial benchmark in the industry.


Its main selling points were an unparalleled comfort, shaving, reasonable price of replacement razor heads, excellent cleaning station and robust build quality, despite a couple of well-known problems.


The locking mechanism of the head was prone to breakage if excessive force was applied and the paint under the razor head sometimes crumbled after a couple of years. This problem was caused by the alcohol-based cleaning solution; however, the damage is only visual.


Apart from these general minor deficiencies, the Series 7 was a complete and highly capable electric shaver that withstood the test of time.


Braun Series 7 790cc


The 790cc is probably the model par excellence of the series 7, all the other variations derive from this model, either by adding or eliminating certain characteristics. It is important to keep in mind that these characteristics do not affect the actual performance of shaving significantly. This is valid for all variations of the Series 7, as we will see below.


The new Series 7


The 7 series has existed for quite some time since its introduction, so Braun decided to give it an update.


In 2016 new models were introduced and this probably caused even more confusion. The names really do not make any sense and Braun also used a marketing terminology in an attempt to make the update look more like a makeover for the series.


Actually, the differences compared to the old series of 7 shavers are smaller.


Here is a summary:


All newer models of the 7 series are suitable for wet and dry use; In the past, there were only dry/wet variations, such as 790cc and 799cc.


You have the option of a silver or gray color.


The new best Braun Series 7 replacement head makes use of the same heads of shaving of the previous model’s cassettes (70, 70b), in spite of which Braun says that this one possesses 4 elements of shaving. Not so, since the SkinGuard element does not count as an active element.


The new terminology (Protective SkinGuard, MacroMotion, etc.) does not really refer to any new addition that previous razors did not have before.


Personalization modes (5 of them with the newer razors, with extra sensitivity to turbo mode) continue to be of little or no use. In theory, you should use them to adjust the power of the razorless to shave sensitive areas, more to shave the thick beard. Actually, they only make the shaver feel sluggish and you must use the highest setting all the time so that the 7 series remains adequately comfortable.


The new Series 7 shavers are the 7840s, 7865cc, 7898cc, 7899cc, 7893s.


Braun Series 7 7865cc Gray


As was the case with the updated series 9, Braun tried to unify the series 7 line with this update.


All shavers are now suitable for wet/dry use, all cost the same (previously the dry variations were usually cheaper) and even got rid of the names of the models altogether in the UK and only refer to them as Series 7 silver or Series 7 gray.


Here is a comparison chart with the currently available Series 7, both the original and the newer models:


At this point, I think we can safely say that all Series 7 shavers will provide the same shaving performance, regardless of other features.


What should you consider when buying a Series 7?


When trying to decide which series 7 would be most convenient for you, there are only a few things you should consider.


Wet and dry use. If you do not shave in the shower or with shaving cream/gel, then you should probably opt for a dry variation, since they usually cost less. The 7 790cc Series will probably be the best option for most men. For wet shaving, the 7898cc or 797cc are two equally good options.


The inclusion of an automatic cleaning station. You probably want a Series 7 that comes with a cleaning station for comfort. But keep in mind that these models are a bit more expensive and you will have to buy new cleaning cartridges. You can also find cheaper alternatives to the Braun solution or even make your own but bear in mind that this can void the warranty.


Price. If you can find a best Braun series 7 replacement head that meets all your needs and is cheaper than another model of the 7 Series, you should definitely buy it. As I said earlier, the difference in performance throughout the series is negligible. For example, the 790cc has 3 customization modes, while the 797cc has 5. Does this result in a noticeable improvement in the actual shaving experience? No. You just have to buy the one with a more reasonable price.


Combination of colors and accessories included. I guess these details may matter to some. If for example you absolutely want a black 7 series, then you can buy the 760cc. Some models have different materials for travel bags (plastic, textile, leather, etc.) or slightly different LCD screens, but again, nothing drastically different.


What are the differences between the most popular models of the 7 Series and which one to choose?


As a general guideline, I would say that you simply buy the cheapest one, as long as it meets your personal needs (wet and dry use, loading and cleaning station, etc.). My personal selections would be 790cc for dry use and 7898cc / 797cc for wet and dry use.

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