The Best Smart Home Devices of 2018

smart home devices

With technology advancing with new smart home devices from the year 2017, 2018 is now shaping up with new devices and gadgets launching almost every day. Since technology is making the most impossible to easily possible, people are now buying these latest smart home devices to upgrade their home to its smartest in 2018. With time changing in the marketplace with new upgrades, people are not afraid to choose flexibility, convenience, and advanced features over slow, dirty and fidelity. The urge of the consumers to update their homes has become the strength of all tech companies to develop smart home technology filled devices & gadgets with all hope.

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Do you feel out of the box in your street? Has it started to feel your home lost its way in the emerging new technological developments? Definitely, your home needs a smart upgrade. So here are a few best smart home devices which we recommend you to buy to stand out the smartest in your lane.

This starts in making your abode a little smarter. Starting with the existing inventions of controlling your thermostat, lightnings, and even your kitchen appliances with just a tap on your Smartphone to nearly welcoming the life-changing upgrades that you are to witness reading further. This rapid growth almost changes the way how you handle your home. It awakes from controlling everything in your home via iOs or even Android apps. And to the most advanced part, tech companies are making artificial intelligence to affordable intelligence for your humble abode on your budget and making it all work just for YOU!

Smart Home: Smart speaker

Gone are the days to cover all the cords of your speakers and accessing with a solid remote to turn the volume up & down all day. Technology never ceases to amaze us! Smart speakers are a wireless speaker that operates on its own with a voice command. How is it possible? This is possible with the integrated virtual assistant via the incorporation of artificial intelligence that enables interaction between the listener and the speaker commanding “one word” with “handsfree” activation.

This can also be used beyond a usual audio playback when connected to Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth or any other wireless protocols which are used for controlling all the home automation devices in your house.

Amazon 2nd gen smart speakers with charcoal fabric are now trending in 2018 market enabling the consumers to have its skin changed according to their home interiors & decors.

Smart Home: Security system

A security system is the best way to secure your home if you are living in peaceful gated communities. Most of the gated community apartments & villas in OMR are so open, spacious and the distance between one house to other house is extremely far. They also have no common wall to even have a drop of disturbance for you from the next door. In this case, home security systems work for any type of homes, like an apartment or any individual house regardless of its size & place. Home security systems are an integrated network of a collection of electronic devices and central control panel working together to protect the residents from burglars and unwelcomed intruders.

Generally, home security systems include a control panel that acts as the primary controller of your entire security system, sensors for doors & windows, motion sensors to guard both interiors and exteriors of the property, security cameras (both wired & wireless), an alarm or siren with high-decibel feature and so on.

How does a home security system work?

The simple concept of securing a property’s entry points with a sensor that leads inside the house. These sensors communicate with the control panel or the command centre installed inside the house. This is how a home security system works. Usually, the sensors are placed on doors which leads as the entry/exit points of a house and is attached to windows as well. Also, the open spaces inside a property will be secured with the motion sensors that sense motions.

Some of the upgraded gadgets launched and is trending in 2018 are a security camera, smart locks, smart garage door opener, smart home hub, smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector, smart video doorbell, and so on.

Let us see how these gadgets work in securing your dream property along with some best trending device in 2018 in the gadget world.

Smart Home: Smart security camera/surveillance camera

A smart security camera is available in both wire & wireless configurations and these surveillance cameras can be used in different ways which are a part of the entire security system.

A typical security camera is used to monitor distant areas in a property as well as garages, barns, workshops, and most importantly entry/exit points along with interiors & exteriors of the property including front doors.

The best smart security camera in 2018 is the Arlo Q’s 1080p camera. It gives you incredible quality video through day and night. Also, it has motion detection and has flexibility feature of scheduling. Since it has a motion detecting feature, it starts recording if it senses things moving. It has the basic 7-day cloud recording service. You can access the footage recorded if you are out for a vacation.

Smart Home: Smart video doorbell

“Answer the door from anywhere” is the new feature of the smart video doorbell. The most trending smart video doorbell is the August doorbell cam Pro which delivers incredible HD video quality. Also enabled with clear two-way audio. August doorbell cam pro works with all August devices which is easy to install. The main advantage of this doorbell is the hindsight recording in which you won’t miss a thing.

With all these above-listed trending smart home devices & gadgets, secure your home with home automation systems and also make sure your property and possessions are safe while you are out on vacations.

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