10 Most Useful Travel Apps for 2018

Traveling had always been a painstaking challenge for everyone. But it is also a need and people travel by every means for all the reasons. But in this era, traveling has evolved into a leisure, thanks to the evolution of planes, trains, cars and every other thing that enhances traveling experiences such as gadgets, electronic items, and smartphone traveling apps.

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Travel Apps and why they are important

When we talk about travel apps, we have over a million different apps that are available to us on download store for Android and Apple operating systems. With this much luxury of choice, it becomes a bit difficult to determine which app is most suitable for you. The best app can genuinely improve your traveling, and the bad ones aren’t even close to that.

Traveling apps make your traveling comfortable in many ways. They can tell you about your flight timings, delays or any cancellations. They can also predict the weather, tell you directions in a foreign city and help you to communicate with the locals. Choosing the right travel apps before making your journey can be very helpful and their importance cannot be defined in words.

Different uses of traveling apps

Just as we have discussed earlier, traveling apps can be useful in countless ways. There are multiple kinds of traveling apps that serve one purpose. For example, there are different weather apps that can tell you accurate weather of different places. But you will only download one, which is most suitable for your needs. Just like that, you need to download the traveling app of a travel agent that you are going to use. You can also download the app of a travel aggregator to compare flight prices and timing. There are hundreds of travel apps that can tell you directions of any city you are traveling along with displaying all the listed places.

10 most useful travel apps for 2018

We recommend our readers to download all the travel apps before heading out on your journey. Always do some research to determine which app will be best to cover your needs? Traveling apps can add little luxury and comfort to your journey. So enhance your traveling experience with these apps and enjoy to the fullest. Following are the 10 most useful travel apps for 2018 that we recommend every download on their smartphones. They are all tested by us on our journeys and highly recommended on other sources as well. So download and use them to maximize your traveling experience.

Google Translate

One of the biggest barriers to comfortable traveling is language. If you are traveling someplace and you aren’t familiar with the local language, it can be a great pain to communicate with the locals and even resolve small issues. For this reason, the biggest search engine on World Wide Web has come up with the perfect solution of Google Translate application. This app is totally free on Android and iPhone smartphones and we highly recommend you to download it before heading out.

Google Translate allows you to simply type in the words or phrases that you need to translate, and it will either provide you with the written text or even speak that phrase on your behalf. You can also take a photo of text or a road sign and acquire the meaning of it with this app.


Prior to booking your flights, we recommend you to compare the flight prices, timing, schedule and other details that can enhance your flight experience along with allowing you to get handsome discounts, savings, packages, and in-flight treats and entertainment. Although there are great travel agent applications that you can download, the best that we came across which suited all our requirements are DreamWorldTravel Ltd.

This application provides you with all the genuine flight rates, flight comparison charts, transportation, accommodation and other services related to travel. You can book direct flights to Bangkok, Paris, Dubai, Mumbai, Sydney and other hot traveling destinations and save on your trips by booking complete travel packages.


Uber is an application that everyone is familiar with. Although we recommend you to keep it on your smartphones even if you aren’t traveling. But when you do travel, always use it to get fixed rates at any city in any country. You can also punch in some coupon codes or promotional discounts to save on your traveling. There are also other Uber apps such as UberEats, which can help you order your desired food anywhere.

FlightRadar 24

No one wants a flight delay, but knowing about any delay or even a cancellation is important to plan your traveling in advance. You can save yourself from some inconvenience by doing something creative in your home, or visit an extra place when you experience a flight delay.

This app also allows you to track your flight location with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS), so you don’t need to guess the location of your flight taking a peek from the aircraft’s window.

Google Maps

Another product of Google, Google Maps is a must to have an app in your smartphones, and if you don’t then you are seriously missing out on one of the best application available to all users. This app gets you the best and most accurate traveling directions with a complete time and distance chart. With new updates, you can now determine which route has the least traffic. This app also buzzes you when you have arrived at your desired location.

Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport has become the latest trend and soon it will capture everyone’s attention. This app is a must in every traveler’s smartphone as it allows them to fast track all the time-consuming immigration and boarding procedures. This app is free and available for all Android and iPhone users.


Sometimes people lose trust in different traveling applications due to their limited operational range, bugs, and other issues. But TimeOut is an app that we completely trust as we have used it on different continents without coming across any major issue, so we want to recommend it to our readers. This app will help you find the best food, coffee and other eateries in the town along with providing other resources. So download this app before heading out, so that you don’t miss out on any amazing local cuisine or drink.

XE Currency

There are multiple currency converting applications available for Android and iPhone smartphones, but there is none like XE Currency converter.  This application is accurate, reliable and easily usable. It provides you with accurate currency exchange rates even without a working internet connection. So download it when traveling to a foreign country and maximize your traveling experience.


When you are traveling to any place, you need to know the weather conditions so that you can plan your trip accordingly. Although there are different applications available to everyone on Android or iPhone, the best and most accurate is AccuWeather. Download this application and make your every move wisely when traveling in unknown territory.


This application allows you to book your accommodation in a hotel, guesthouse, inn or any other place that is up for the stay. Airbnb is one of the world’s leading traveling application and downloading it is must for every traveling enthusiast.

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