10 Pro Tips for Creating Best Whiteboard Animation Videos

how to make a whiteboard animation video

If you are looking for the perfect and the most useful ways to create the excellent whiteboard animation videos, then here are some of the tips that can get you through it.

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Here’s how to make a whiteboard animation video

1. Understand the Client’s Business

The first essential step you need to carry out before you start creating the whiteboard animations for the clients is that you need to understand what does the company of the clients deal in. You must be able to comprehend what they offer to their clients, who their target audience is, and who are their competitors.

2. Create an Interactive Storyline for the Whiteboard Animation Video

Watching the moving pictures without any appropriate storyline is not just a waste time but it pointless as well. Therefore, it is compulsory to add a unique and worthy story to the whiteboard video and animation according to the audience. Once you learn about the company and what they do, it will be easy for you to create the appropriate story for the video that will be related to the brand and will interest the viewers.

3. Bring Life to The Characters & Make Them Inspiring

Since you are aware of the audience of the brand, it will be easy for you to create the characters of the story. Use the real-life people’s persona for the character building. Using the technique of creating characters out of real life will get the audience to draw their attention in the video and also get them to take an interest in the story that it represents.

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4. Read The Script Out Loud

Giving your script a read, out loud, will help you learn how the story will sound to the audience. Before you actually start to work on the animations, it is vital that you are assured of the script that you have created. Make all the necessary alterations if required, and edit the text accordingly so that it will sound appropriate to the audience.

5. Do Not Let Go Of The Traditions of Creating the Whiteboard Animation Video

A traditional whiteboard animation video is comprised of the three essential elements, which includes a white background, black drawings, and a drawing hand. If you miss any of these features in your whiteboard animation, your video will be more likely to lack the essence required to draw the top-grade whiteboard video animation.

6. Little Perks Means A lot!

It is always healthy to add something extra to the video that you are creating. Since it is a whiteboard animation and there is not much that you can add in it when you have to follow the customary ways to create it, but still there are things that you can include in it to provide something extra. For example, you can add one tone color in the image like in the hair of the character or in their clothes, to provide exclusivity in your work.

7. Be Unique & Creative!

The animation is the subset of the graphics designing industry, and in the world of designing only the people with the utmost creativity and limitless imagination can survive. Think creatively and productively while developing the animation video for the client. Add the unique and attractive features in the video, but do not lose the sight of simplicity and sophistication. Also, do not overload the picture frames with too many things that it will get complicated for the audience to comprehend.

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8. Highlight The Emotions of The Audience to Gain Their Interest

Use the emotions of the audience as the tool to get into their brains and divert their attention into watching the video.

9. The Images or the Drawing Should Be Interconnected

The drawing or the pictures in the whiteboard animation videos are always interlinked with each other. They show continuity and stability to the audience so that the meaning of the video and the story stay linked to one other and would be easy to comprehend by the viewers.

10. Message Should Be Delivered With Clarity

The main reason to create the whole video is to use it as a weapon to deliver the accurate message to the audience; if the video or the story fails to do that, all the effort will be left useless. So, it is essential that you give away the right message and idea to the audience. Without delivering the accurate idea or motive about the company’s product or service, the intention of creating the whiteboard animation is worthless

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