Some Essential Tips to Help You Take Better Care Of Your Horse

A lot of times, you will notice that it is some of the minutest details which can create a huge difference in the health of your horse. You must have often noticed that some horses used to perform really badly, suddenly start thriving after a few things get tweaked by their owners. In general, horses are quite simple creatures. Thus, you should understand that their requirements will not be too complicated. By changing some basic little things, you can make your horse healthier. In this article, you will learn about some such essential tips that can make your horse healthier.

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Essential tips

The healthcare regimen of horses requires these little changes to be made in order to make the horses become stronger and faster:

Nutrition has to be given primary importance

Horses are beautiful animals, and their nutrition is one of the most vital things that keep them stay beautiful. Horses will tend to eat plenty of high fiber foods, which can be a bit low in their nutrient contents. Thus, if you want to add a little bit of extra nutrition, then you can see the desired results. You can consider adding only a little bit of some power-packed nutritional powders to their diet. By just adding an extra 1 pound of liquid nutritional supplements in your horse food, you can change the way the horse performs.

You can create a special horse nutritional drink that you can make at your home only and see amazing results. This nutritional drink will include a mixture of mangosteen juice and essential high protein and vitamin mix powders and then feed it to your horse. This drink will be an amazing tonic for the maintenance of your horse. It will keep the horse healthy, free from diseases and happy. Mangosteen juice will function as a powerful antioxidant. It is also a great source of trace minerals. The essential protein and vitamin powders will have probiotics along with vital enzymes. A little dose of this drink will keep your horses much healthier.

Lots of chewable foods which have long stems

In order to keep your horses healthy, you must ensure that they are chewing something almost throughout the day and the night. In order to keep the mind and the body of your horse secured and happy, you must provide your horses with lots of chewable materials which have long stems, like hay for instance. Hay will not meet all the essential nutritional needs of a horse, and you can consider this as a type of pastime for the horse. You can keep your horse occupied and completely out of any trouble by making it munch on hay throughout the day. The horses will have to walk while they are eating the hay because it will help them with their digestion. This will also keep the horses remain physically active. Thus, the metabolism of the horses will remain high and will not slow down. A higher metabolism rate will mean good health for your horse.

Fundamental body maintenance

One of the most vital aspects of proper horse care is looking after the body maintenance of the horse. This is neither complicated and not is too expensive. When you ensure that your horse gets proper nutrition and chews on a lot of hay throughout the day, then you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry too much about veterinary care. The doctors will only need to look after the hoof care, proper dental hygiene, de-worming the horse regularly, vaccinations if required and any specific issues if need be.

You will have to decide how much of the health care you want to personally take care of because you will be able to handle taking care of the hoofs, doing the de-worming, giving the vaccinations and even some of the body works all by yourself. You can avoid taking the dental care also on your hands. You can learn how the body works of the horses need to be done; these include massaging, giving acupressure, and so on from several books and from the internet. You might also be able to learn about hoof care. In the event that you do not want to do these things all by yourself, you can visit the veterinarian twice a year to take care of these things.


Give your horse some space for running

Generally, horses can run around twenty-four to thirty-four miles every day to look for food and some water. These creatures are made in such a manner, that they must always be moving about, whenever they can. Thus, you should ensure that your horse has a lot of room for running about in. In the event that you have kept your horse inside a stall, then you should try to take it out as many times as you can. You should ensure that your horse gets to run a lot.  The running will give the horse its much-needed chance for exercising. A horse can be healthy only when it is in a great running condition.

You can consider keeping your horse in a stable with a large pasture all around it. This will give the horse plenty of opportunities to run around.

Pet your horse

Horses love to be pet, you must show that you care for your horse by petting it whenever you can. Lightly brush its mane and stroke it on the sides. Horses can feel and understand the love you have for them.

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Horses are truly beautiful creatures. Taking care of a horse can seem overwhelming, but it is not so complicated or even difficult. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can improve the health of your horse drastically. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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