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Jailbreak iPhone

The technological advancement has enabled the digital citizens to break into the full proof security of an iPhone. The parents of the post-millennial generation can sneak into the smartphones of their offspring to supervise their digital behavior. They can know about the online and offline activities of their kids without becoming helicopter parents. The GPS location of underage children can be tracked to make their tours outside the home safe. All this and many more have become possible due to cell phone spy applications. In this article, we have reviewed the top-notch iPhone monitoring app which supports non-jailbreak iOS devices.

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iPhone Monitoring Software

The iPhone monitoring apps are generally intended for parents and employers to remotely track the iOS based mobile phones of their children and workers. While parents can monitor the cell phone conversations of their kids to keep them from conversing with predators and bullies, the employers can track iPhones of their marketing, sales and customer care staff to prevent them from misbehaving with co-workers and clients, and mishandling of company information.

The biggest loophole of iPhone monitoring software is that it can be installed on the targeted iPhone only after getting the device jailbroken. You need to jailbreak the iOS of the targeted phone to bypass the software restrictions of the smartphone manufacturing company to get the device installed with third party spy software.

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Non Jailbreak iPhone Monitoring Solution

Only a few cell phone spy applications offer non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution and TheOneSpy is one of them. It is a credible cross-platform cell phone tracking app that supports both jailbreak and non-jailbreak iOS devices. The spy app does not require you to jailbreak the targeted iPhone to get it installed with the surveillance software. You can track an iPhone without getting it installed with the spy software.

TheOneSpy non-jailbreak monitoring solution for iPhones demands the iCloud credentials of the targeted iOS device to sneak into it. However, it is necessary that the data of the targeted iPhone is backed up. The spy application syncs the backup data and allows the end-user of the spyware app to monitor and download it.

Main Features of Non-Jailbreak Monitoring Solution

The iPhone surveillance software offers plenty of spying features for non-jailbreak devices. We have reviewed the application to help you understand the main features of the monitoring solution.

Track iMessages

The cell phone tracking software enables the end-user to read the incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS and iMessage of the target. You can also get the contact information of the message sender and receiver. All this is possible without frequently accessing the mobile phone of your kids or employers.

Track WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp is the new favorite for many teens. Meanwhile, the businesses have changed their communication app from Skype to WhatsApp. The convenience of this instant messaging app makes this the first priority for internal and external communication. The iPhone monitoring app for non-jailbreak devices enables the end-user to sneak into the instant messenger to monitor WhatsApp chats. You can track all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, thread conversations and even voice messages of your target to stay updated about his online activities.

Track Kik Chats

The instant messaging app Kik can be considered as the most unsafe social media app for underage children. Due to the user secrecy and absence of verification process to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the user, Kik has become the favorite tool of bullies, predators, sex offenders and scammers. Parents can monitor Kik chats of their children with the help of inexpensive non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution. It enables them to safeguard their kids from the threats prevailing on the instant messenger.

Track Voice Messages & Calls

The cutting-edge iPhone surveillance app enables employers and parents to track voice calls of their workers and children. It includes WhatsApp voice calls, voice messages and Facebook messenger voice messages.

Monitor Internet Use

The supervision of internet use is of great importance for employers and parents. The workers may misuse the company internet on doing unproductive chores on their mobile phones. Similarly, teens can be exposed to objectionable stuff on the internet. The iPhone tracking app enables the end-user to monitor internet browsing history of the targeted cell phone. It lets them see the website URLs, time and frequency of visiting a website or searching information on Safari browser.

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Monitor Calls

The surveillance app for non-jailbreak iPhone enables the end-user to track incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target. It syncs call logs provide the end-user with the contact detail of the callers and recipients. The application also lets you access contacts stored in the contact list of the targeted device.


The non-jailbreak monitoring solution for iPhones offers all traditional spying features without needing the end-user to jailbreak the targeted device. It is reliable, efficient and inexpensive iPhone tracking solution that allows monitoring the online and offline activities performed on the monitored smartphone.

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