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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

While the market is flooded with endless number of manufacturers and brands, all the brands are not destined to climb spiral of success and popularity. Every branded smart phone company is struggling hard to push ahead of other brands, but there are many factors involved to help a brand succeed and win over people’s hearts. Whatsoever, Apple has been climbing spiral of success since the very first day of its launch. What makes Apple stand in the assembly of brands in smart phones is out of box approach towards manufacture of the mobile phones. Since 2007, Apple released several smart gadgets which brought revolution in the market.

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Apple’s I phone 6 and 6 Plus Price in USA were released with vision to take the industry of smart phones to new level. In September 2007, Apple released two smart phones which were regarded as the best smart phones then. Two smart phones were unveiled at the same time in order to give users two options to choose from. I phone 6 4.7 inches display was announced for those people who want to use not-so-bigger phone smart phone. On the other hand, Apple’s I phone 6 plus bigger screen 5.5 inches was brought for those fans who wanted to use bigger flagship smart phones.

Although these smart phones features and specifications are not so different. Yet, they are different in their screen sizes. Best I phone 6 and 6 plus price in USA have been featured with best apps, faster processor, better touch screen, stunning design and enhanced camera. The key features of the both smart phones are going to be discussed here.

Specifications and features of I phone 6 and 6 plus price in USA:

The key features of both models are their different display screen sizes. If you want to get your hands on the bigger phone, you will probably go with I phone 6 plus. However, others especially ladies who feel that they will not be able to handle, choose I phone 6. Both I phone 6 and 6 Plus Price in USA are perfect in their sizes and timely as well. Another significant point about these smart phones is that these phones have been launched in several memory capacities such as 16, 28, 64 USD 128 GB.

As far as other specs are concerned, I phone 6 and 6 Plus Price in USA are stitched with 8 mega pixels of back camera along with autofocus, image optimization and flash light. Even more stunning feature about these phones is the IOS 8 operating system. On top of that, the chipset A8 and Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor have also been added.

In the last but not the least, I phone 6 and 6 Plus Price in USA best processor, bigger screen have wreaked tumult in the market. It is worth sharing here that Apple has made record business in I phone selling. Till now, millions of units of them have been sold out. All the way now, Apple is going to launch two more smart phones. So, keep your fingers crossed!

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