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Antony Weston has presented the concept of Abortion in his book A Practical companion to ethics. He has positively explained that the negative feeling for the abortion is wrong with respect to the condition of the baby inside the women. The emotional commitment to the growing mass inside the body is the thing which leads to the problematic thoughts for abortion as a bad thing. Abortion is a relief from an unneeded child and healthy way is to abort the pregnancy rather than destroying a future individual’s future by lack of parental support and complete attention. Abortion is also considered as the problem of killing babies in the book and it was highlighted that the act of abortion shows the nature of the person as it is her personal right and she must be given an opportunity to live as she wants.

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In contract, abortion is described as ethically wrong act and it is always advised to avoid pregnancy rather than acting against it in a wrong way which is abortion. The time of pregnancy is the development of a new life and only the mother’s body is the place where the child is placed and nourished by nature safely. Abortion is an action against nature and it is an uneven act of giving a chance for a life to come and then letting it to end without a solid reason. In an ethical perspective, abortion is completely unacceptable and early precaution are advised to perform rather than to perform the unethical approaches.

The concept of abortion is highly accepted in the countries like Japan and Buddhist community where there are even graveyards for the fetuses. There were reasons due to which the abortion is considered as a positive act because if unwanted children are allowed to come into this world than there would be homeless. The abortion is also a way to control the birth rate and also an unethical way to allow the woman to decide her way of life without any difficulty of being engaged in an unwanted burden of pregnancy. The poor people are unable to survive with so many children so they also require some way to limit the pregnancies which are only abortion.

From the ethical point of view, the act of abortion belongs to the personnel ethics. Many organizations are against the act of abortion and give their female employees a chance to give their womb to develop with care and stress free environment. Their working hours are lessened and they are supposed to work in a comfortable environment rather than to struggle. The national right to life committee, U.S. Catholic conference and Planned Parenthood are the companies which have discussed against the proposal of allowing abortion as it is an unethical practice among the community. The poor women are forced to do abortions for their survival of jobs which is also an unethical way.

In making the creative strategies to handle the abortion it can be considered that there are many societies which are performing the ethical ways to prevent the pregnancies. Also, to end the pregnancies by just poisoning the child in very premature conditions which include the removal of the fetuses from the human body. Abortion is an unethical subject but still for managing the problems of the individual who is having the pregnancy would be the priority. There are women whose life is in danger because of pregnancy and for them, the abortion would be a lifesaving technique. The technology is enhanced and improved which would help in securing the life of people as well as to protect the society from wrong actions.


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