Different Types of Pre Employment Tests

A fit employee is what every company needs. He/she should be fit and suitable for the role in the company. Many companies have found pre-employment tests to be beneficial to select the right candidates. They believe the right candidate can work better. So, the companies conduct the pre-employment medical test to learn their applicants. If you are still confused about the pre-employment test, here we are to clear all your doubts.

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Let us see what actually is pre-employment tests and what are the tests are done.

Pre-employment tests are used to screen job applicants during the hiring process. It is to confirm whether the applicant has the necessary skills for the job.  It can include testing of knowledge, work skills, personality, cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, language proficiency, and physical ability. They also conduct drug testing. These tests will give a clear idea of an individual’s skills, knowledge, personality, health, and background.

Here is a research – According to a survey by the American Management Association, “Almost 90 percent of firms that test job applicants say they will not hire job seekers once  pre-employment testing finds them to be deficient in basic skills.” This survey shows how important it is to take the pre-employment test.

Now let’s see the types of pre-employment tests. The main tests performed are:

1). Aptitude test

To measure critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to learn, digest and apply new information. The cognitive aptitude test seeks to assess the applicant’s intelligence and brainpower. It tests the problem-solving skills of the applicant.

2). Personality test

A personality test is usually written to examine the applicant’s honesty towards their role in the company. It also helps employers like HR to know the applicant’s body language and their way of communication. This test tends to be competitive, highly motivated, and assertive. It reveals the applicant’s capability of doing a job.

3). Emotional intelligence test

In the workplace, it is important to understand the other’s emotions and should be able to act or react accordingly. Because the emotionally intelligent people have the ability to work well with colleagues, handle the stress in a mature way.

4). Physical test

He/she should be physically fit to perform the tasks. There should be no reason or a physical problem to pause their works.

5). Drug test

The applicant may be asked to take the drug test. It helps to determine whether the applicant is addicted to drugs or used drugs any time in recent.

These tests are important for a better tomorrow. Because a fit employee is a part of the company and should be able to take up the challenges. For the Pre employment medical test – Visit Here.

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