Increase Conversion: Smart Hacks To Get People Back To Your Website

Increase Conversion

When you don’t see your site getting good conversion rates, know that there is a weak point hidden from your sight. You need to try some additional hacks to see better results of turning visitors into potential customers. We have combined some useful conversion rate optimization tips for your online business.

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Try these tactics and analyse what works for you; perform some tests and repeat the one which seems ideal.

  1. Manage your website speed

Slow loading website pages that keep users waiting for long is a reason behind the decreasing conversion rates. Your website sped counts your efficacy and a slower loading website might result in almost 7% of your total conversions. This is something you need to look upon.


  1. Communicate well with your users

Keep in mind, you need to reach the user through your website. Cross check your website for enough information that connects you well with the visitors.

These are some points to consider while making your conversion rate optimization strategy:

  • Include testimonials and reviews at the end of a web page to instill a feeling of security and belief in the users.

  • Do not ever ignore referrals or word-of-mouth.

  • Include a logo of trusted brand in your website along with yours to showcase third party validation.

  • Give your uses a chance to participate through feedback, comments and reviews. It helps strengthen your present client base and eventually improve it.
  1. Increase the Average Order Value (AOV)

You can increase your returns without emphasizing on the conversion rate by:

  • Bundling: Bring up a discount on a package order by combining multiple products as a set. This way you can persuade users to buy more than they would have usually.

  • Promotions: Giving free shipping offers and social media promotions is a smart hack to attract more customers to your website. This has been adapted by popular eCommerce websites and it is time you try it for yours.

  • Rewards: When you reward your customers on their high spending for your services, it eventually increases your AOV and purchase frequency.
  1. Have a friendly website

  • User friendly: A user friendly website indicates that you have happy and satisfied users who never complain about a fault in your site.

  • Click friendly: Make sure a user reaches your most important web page through minimum number of clicks.

  • Browser friendly: Know what browser is most used by your visitors and design a site suitable for all the popular web browsers.

  • Mobile friendly: Chances are high that many of your users are habituated to surf sites on their mobile phones. You must have a responsive site that navigates well on such electronic devices.

We would like you to consult with a reputed conversion rate optimization agency and decide wisely which of the above tips can be beneficial in improving your conversion rates.

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