An Introductory Guide To Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing is a method to optimize the online presence of the website by promoting the goods or services. It is the paid and unpaid version of advertising on the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Rediff, Bing etc. It is the most prominent way of reaching the targeted customer and convinces them. It consists of multiple methods to advertise on the search engine. To make the advertising profitable, you need to be on the first result page and on the top position so that consumers would pay consideration to your advertising.

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The other attributes of websites would matter only when your website is shown in the top position. So, marketers apply numerous methods to make their website on the top.

Types of Search Engine Marketing

There are two types of SEM which are given below-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

These two are the pillars of SEM which make the website listed on the first page. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method to optimize the visibility on the search engine by free mode. This is one of the best opportunity is given by search engine which lets the advertisers to take the advantage of the algorithm.

In the case of PPC, advertisers tend to run their campaign on a search engine to increase the visibility of the website. From this, they are able to let the people know about the arrival of the new products so that they increase their sale and ultimately maximize their profit. Marketers deploy many techniques to get into the knowledge of the customers and persuade them to make the final transaction.

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In this article, you will get to know about the detailed information of the types of SEM.

Unpaid version- SEO

SEO is the freeway of advertising the website on the search engine. It includes many techniques which will help in increase the visibility of the website. First of all, the marketers have to search the best keywords for the website or webpage so that their website is shown on the right keyword and serve the best purpose. It is the crucial part in SEO. If there is a wrong selection of the keyword, then it may lead to huge loss. Customers would able to search your website and you will not get the right traffic.

Now, the turn comes of the content which plays the lead role in engaging the customers and give value in return of click they made on your website.

Now, proper SEO is known when you filled Meta tag and description, alt text image and many other features which help in identifying your post when crawls comes to read your post.

Marketers have to build the authoritative backlinks which can make good relationship with other websites and search engine can easily trust on the website.

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In this method, the marketer is obliged to a certain amount on per click. In this advertising model, marketer run the campaign by filling the required terms and conditions so that the ad reach to only the interested customers which has the maximum probability of converting into real customers. When any customer clicks on the ad then the company will entitle to pay. There is a different campaign which can be run by the company according to their budget and necessity. They are under the responsibility to make the ad effective which can easily impress the customers.

The paid campaign is customizable and you can restrict the displaying of your ad. There are various types of paid campaigns run by a search engine such as display campaign, video campaign, search campaign etc. You can select according to your demand. You can run the ad for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 1 month etc. In the paid campaign, you can specify the targeted customers so that the ad will display to the interested customers, you can select the audience on the basis of geographic location, gender, preference etc. It will help the company to get the clicks from the actual customers so that they can give full attention to them.


If anybody wants to sustain in such a competitive environment, then they have to update their style of business and mode of advertisement. Due to the internet, the cost of advertising is also reduced which engages many businesses on digital. Most of the users spend their time on the internet so extract the advantage of the internet by using. If you are optimizing right technique, then no one can defeat you. It is the call of the environment to update the business technique.

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