Instagram For SEO in 2018: Some Underrated Methods

Instagram For SEO

When it comes to business and its marketing in the contemporary world, internet plays a major and vital role in it. Digitization of every aspect of our lifestyle is becoming a common factor, and hence it is crucial that businesses as well keep up with the changing trends and innovate ways in which they can use these trends for their benefits. The social media platforms are the potential ground for marketing, and more and more people are opting for the promotional works through this platform largely because of the widespread use of the various social media platform in every stratum of the society. Moreover, the features and functionalities of social platforms are such that people can use them for various kinds of promotional work when they have a proper strategy in mind regarding the required services through the social media platforms.

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A quick guide to social media platforms

One of the major and most popular social media platforms is Instagram. An embodiment of the best features of Pinterest and Tumblr, this image intensive mobile-based social media platform draws 6 million active users and more every month that spent a significant amount of time online for various reasons. The features of this platform are such that they are suitable for the business promotion of any kind and they can be used for boosting your website’s SEOas well. While Google has given out a notification that they do not use the social media platforms as their ranking factor but if you can correctly make use of them for promotion, you can optimize your business website and its followers significantly. Here are certain tips which are rather underrated but effective and if implemented correctly can work in your favor to get more and more traffic on your website through your social media pages.

Tracking the success of your Instagram link periodically

To access how well your Instagram is performing it is important to take note of the analysis for the Instagram link. With Google URL builder you can add a tracking code at the end of the link that you are placing on your Instagram profile. When the people visiting your Instagram profile go through the bio and click the link, you would be getting a record of the number of clicks and activities on that link. However, this can lead to a long link, and it can become necessary to shorten it, and this can be done with the help of the URL shortener tool like the The custom link can be created for your website through this and with the help of these additions you can keep track of the number of people who are clicking it. This is a basic step to organizing the strategies to be taken up for the success of your website and business.

Changing the URL in the bio often

The URL of your website can be provided in your bio for the Instagram account. However, the Instagram profile does not have the option to change the URL or post URL along with the images, and you need to update the respective URL in the bio every time. To get more exposure from the Instagram followers, you need to keep changing the URL and update it with every new post and updates from time to time. When you keep changing the URL according to the campaign that you are running you can ensure that the traffic volume is uplifted for the website.  You can easily make use of the space provided for the link but updating it with the links to different product pages, offer pages and even article links that you want to promote. Professional SEO experts can give you a good idea of the ways you can change the links and when it should be changed. Also, how often it is being changed is another major factor that should be taken note of.

More and more social engagements

Come up with ways that can help you to engage more and more people with your brand’s social activities. The number of people sharing your content ca engages more people in it and eventually drive a significant amount of traffic to the website. Again, this ensures that the SEO of the site is well boosted. When the content is striking and helpful to more and more people, they are likely to share it more and even link it to their content. The bank links that you get from such promotional methods are also helpful for evaluating the success of your promotional campaign. Depending on the keywords used, the ranking of a site is determined as well, and since social media help in inducing enriched volume of traffic and backlinks, they can help with the SEO boosting of your website.

Hashtags for Instagram

One of the fundamental ways in which you can promote your content is by using hashtags and the captions to the photos uploaded on Instagram. The social media promotions through the hashtags are easy to use, and they can be researched well when you are using it for your business promotion. There are several types of trending hashtags, and when you have a good idea about the relevant and trending hashtags to be used, you can make the most of this option for promoting your business.


There are different ways in which you can use the Instagram and other social media platforms for business promotion. While they do not directly influence your SEO ranking and merely having a profile on Instagram would not help, when you are opting for the various tips and suggestions provided here and following them accurately will enable you to get an overall net result of the successful promotion.

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