Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

digital marketing misconceptions

The marketing of products and services with the help of digital Technologies is broadly known as digital marketing. Mostly directed towards the internet, this kind of marketing includes any kind of digital media, smartphones and display advertising. Applying digital marketing successfully can uplift your business to a very large extent. However a large number of misconceptions and myths associated with the idea of digital marketing. Falling prey to the myths of digital marketing can lead you to miss out on multiple opportunities that are offered by digital marketing. Hence it is very important to have the knowledge of the common digital marketing misconceptions before you fall prey to them.

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Let us have a look at some of the common digital marketing misconceptions in details:-

Digital marketing is just the other name of social media today is a totally vague and false statement. Even though social media is a very large component of digital marketing, it does not constitute the entirety of it. Digital marketing agency includes everything from tablets, smartphones, computers, Television, radio, and electronic billboards.

Digital marketing is relevant to the businesses of large stature only, is a complete misconception. In today’s world whatever the size of your business digital marketing is the most important mode of marketing that influences the sale of products and services. Digital marketing also enables to perform research work on the preferences and tastes of the customers and patterns of changes in them. Previously digital marketing was not nearly as much access to the small businesses as it is today.

Digital marketing is totally directed to the technical people and should always be managed by them, is a very common misconception. This is a very powerful phenomenon that has the ability to engage people from all walks of life and affect them all at the same time. It is not totally associated with the techies but is a skill that is dedicated to the marketing people.

It is a common myth that it is only possible for Digital Marketing to succeed when there is a huge volume of website traffic. A huge volume of website traffic definitely means that you are exposing your product and service too much greater audience. However, a huge audience does not mean that they will convert to become customers all the time. Hence it is the relevance of the products and services to the audience and the quality of audience in terms of buying potential that determines the rate of conversion. Having the appropriate type of audience is very important for converting them to customers. The marketing standards also determine the conversion rate.

Just creating and hosting a website is not good enough to successfully carry out the process of digital marketing. It is very important that the content of the website is totally relevant to the audience. Also, regular updates to the website are mandatory to ensure that the audience is kept engaged with the latest information.  Not doing so can adversely affect the reputation of your company.

Do not wait for your competitor step foot into digital marketing before you. Getting into the domain of digital marketing might be very unusual for some of the business already existing in the market.  They seem to be reluctant to switch to new modes of marketing and its strategies.  Misconceptions and superstitions will only keep you a step back and never let you be at the top of the game in the market. Classical marketing strategies might still be effective for your business, but your competitor is sure to get an upper hand on you once they start utilizing the endless potential of digital marketing. Moreover being a front-runner of digital marketing in your domain will definitely make sure that you get the most of customers first. And as already everybody knows that once brand loyalty is created, it then becomes difficult to get the customer off the same product and service again.

It is a very common digital marketing misconception that Search Engine Optimization exists no more in today’s world. Alongside the emergence of social media in today’s world, Search Engine Optimization continues to dominate the internet. Search engines still remain a major part of our internet activity.

Digital marketing can be made the responsibility of an enthusiastic and young techie only, in the company, is totally a digital marketing myth. Even though the young technical expert in your company can play the most significant role in uplifting your company to get the most out of digital marketing, it is still the responsibility of the other employees of the company as well, to embrace and start understanding the working of digital marketing. Working as a team, as a whole can only make it possible to change the outlook of the company to a one that is digital marketing friendly.

Not switching into the domain of Android and phone applications is a major mistake that a company can make with respect to digital marketing. In today’s world Smartphone’s and tablets can we considered much more of a digital marketing agency then computers and laptops. Therefore switching to apps is mandatory.

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