outsource live chat

Why You Should Outsource Live Chat Operators

Gone are the days when customers were supposed to wait for long hours to get their queries resolved. If your business is still making customers wait for hours for a response then... Read more »
best educational software

Best Educational Software for Students in 2018

As new semester or classes are about to begin to make sure that your PC is ready and install all relevant software that increases student productivity in less time.  So have a... Read more »
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smart home devices

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2018

With technology advancing with new smart home devices from the year 2017, 2018 is now shaping up with new devices and gadgets launching almost every day. Since technology is making the most... Read more »
chromebook vs windows 10

Chromebooks vs. Windows 10 Laptops: What Should You Buy?

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of buying a Windows 10 laptop or you’ve probably wondered if the Chromebook is right for you, then this article is right for you. Chromebooks... Read more »

Q&A with Brock Allen: Top Tips for Securing ASP.NET Core

ASP .NET Core conveys many forefront ways to deal with building Web applications, with updates to the security engineering being particularly essential in the modern framework. To enable designers to get up... Read more »
Field force management

Field Force Management System: Fields it has been Has Evolved

Most of the businesses these days deploy a direct sales force or numerous staff across different locations in a country. Managing a workforce of this scale is an uphill task for businesses.... Read more »

Biometric Authentication Helps in Measuring Unique Characteristics of Individuals

Biometrics can be defined as body measurements and calculations. Biometrics technology is the science of analysing human body characteristics. Biometrics can be used with an automated recognition process as it is measurable... Read more »
jiophone 2

How to install Whatsapp on jiophone 2? | youtube for jiophone 2 | Full details here.

Today we will tell you full details on How to install whatsapp on Jiophone 2 ? | How to install Youtube on Jio phone 2? Below is full details. The Jio was... Read more »

What Features to look for in an Online Payment API

The businesses nowadays are focused on creating payment solutions to offer a higher rate of customer satisfaction easing their financial transactions. By building or developing a website or an application to function... Read more »

How to Get Rid of Pop-up Ads on Your Mac

Fly up promotions are adware notices that open over or under your program window, in another tab, or as a realistic component inside the present window. Once in a while, they decline... Read more »