Quality Assurance Process

Advanced Quality Assurance Process Steps – Reporting Bugs Get Easier

How the new debugging advancements are bringing about changes in the Quality Assurance Process Once you have developed the application you cannot brush-off its testing process. Now a software tester is just... Read more »

Analysis of Hospital Management System in the Healthcare Industry

In today’s sunshine of the 21st century, Hospital Management Software is being infixed in the quotidian running of the hospitals. The hospital administration, in an endeavor to provide you with enhanced patient... Read more »
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Best Tax Saving Investment option under Sec 80C

Savings are a must for anyone to have a healthy financial life. However, you need to know that saving money in a bank savings account is not a smart way, as it... Read more »
Are You Designing The Icons Right Way?

Are You Designing The Icons Right Way?

Every designer these days is thinking about implementing new trends and techniques into their designs for both website or apps. The most intricate and important element of the apps are its icons... Read more »

Company Formation in Hamriyah Free Zone, Requirements, Cost

Hamriyah Free Zone- HAFZA It comes under those free zones that are growing at a very rapid pace. The company registration in this free zone has made a lot simpler for the... Read more »
Sell Property Online

Sell Your Property Online Easily in 4 Easy Steps

The Internet has brought about drastic changes in our life and society. As a result, many people are deserting the traditional way of selling their homes and other real estate properties to... Read more »

The 4 Types of Short-Term Loans Every Business Owner Should Know

If you are a business owner who is looking to secure financing quickly, you are likely in need of small business loans. But the availability of various loan options in the market... Read more »

The Multi-Channel Customer Care: Way to Improve Customer Experience

Customers always remember how a business/brand makes them feel. It is a universal truth that businesses learn the hard way. You might be offering great products at lucrative prices but, it you... Read more »
indian call centers

Is India Still A Good Option For Call Center Services

“The success of the young entrepreneur will be the key to India’s transformation in the new millennium.” Dhirubhai Ambani The world of outsourcing is at the tip of technology evolutions that are... Read more »

Top 5 Small Saving Schemes in India

Saving some money is always a good habit that will also pay up during a need. Be it a salaried professional or someone who is on the verge of retirement, saving some... Read more »