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Every entrepreneur needs to have knowledge about the benefits that are available for the tax they pay to the government; these benefits are offered under the Act that is formed under the Income Tax Act, 1961. One can reduce a lot of tax money that he or she needs to be paid. The income tax imposed in India is done in a slab system, each slab will have different prices prescribed that needs to be paid as tax. So if anyone wants to reduce their payable taxes they need to be aware of the available benefits that can be used to reduce the payable taxes for the entrepreneurs. This post focuses on providing tips to save tax for entrepreneurs.

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Here’s how Entrepreneurs can save their tax

1. Invest Money on Equity Linked Saving Schemes

ELSS is the often abbreviated for Equity Linked Saving Schemes is the most chosen option to save your money from paying a lot of taxes. There is a section available in the Indian constitution named ‘Section 80C’ where the tax money is collected, but this can be avoided by investing on the ELSS. The performance of the investments is directly related to the performance of the markets, also these funds would be offering a high return of investments up to 150,000 INR per year. Usually, these schemes are locked for 3 years and during this period the money cannot be withdrawn.

2. Purchase Term Insurance

As the name suggests, the term insurance offers coverage money for a fixed period of time. The recipient will receive the money as ‘sum assured’ by the insurer when the person who invested the money have faced demise during the policy period. The term insurance plan is one of the highly beneficial plans for the person who invests the money. One can deduct taxes up to 150,000 under the Income Tax Act of 1961, and according to this, the payment can be made for self, or their spouse, and also for the children who are dependent on them.

3. Investments in Health Insurance

It only becomes essential to purchase the health insurance cover when given the medical inflation. This will be much useful and the person who is taking the policy can avail financial support to take care of their medical expenses by this they can be relieved and have peace and assurance that their medical expenses are taken care by the insurance company as per the company formation. On this, the deductions can be withdrawn up to 25000 INR and this can be used for self, spouse and the children who depend on them. This investment is subject to everyone regarding their employment whether they are employed in government or private.

4. Repayment of the Education Loans

The education loan is required by students who want to pursue their higher education and they are allowed to repay the loan money after they finish their education through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). The interests generated on this loan will have been made qualified for the benefits of the taxes and this is a subject factor according to the type of course that the student pursues.

Soon this scheme can gain benefits from the tax and the money he or she repays and this can be made available right after the commencement of the loan sanction till the eighth year. There are many other benefits that can be available from this kind of loan, such as less interest on the loan and higher time to repay the money for the loan taker and one of the best things about the education loan is that it helps the loan takers to repay it slowly.

5. Taking Privileges under Section 80

Young entrepreneurs saving their funds in the saving accounts can receive many benefits as per the schemes that are listed there. According to the section 80TTA of Income Tax Act, 1961, the interest paid on the saving accounts has a limit of up to 10,000 INR is totally free of tax for the people. But if the amount of money exceeds the figure of 10,000 then the person must need to pay the tax amount that is appropriate to the amount of money they receive as income or the money that they receive in the other manner.

The entire post is produced for the people who indulge in business or involved in some kind of service providing to their targeted audience needs to pay some amount of money as tax to the government that can be cut short with these ideas and through everyone can gain a knowledge about the taxation and the other legal statuses of their tax benefits these are the best benefits for the entrepreneurs to have the best experience from the government and also to available the best benefits from the government as well, and the entrepreneurs can benefit a lot from this.

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