Advanced Quality Assurance Process Steps – Reporting Bugs Get Easier

Quality Assurance Process

How the new debugging advancements are bringing about changes in the Quality Assurance Process

Once you have developed the application you cannot brush-off its testing process. Now a software tester is just not only about locating bugs. As continuous advancements and improvements have been made which would define a test strategy and that would walk the extra mile to enhance the quality level. With the Swift revolutionary change in the industry technology, a tester’s significance has a move toward the agile methodology. This new turn has open the doors of exciting and some challenging opportunities. Here is the short overview of the revolutionized story of the progressing path of well-eradicated testing which has concluded in Quality assurance.

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Finding Bugs in An old fashion way

The application development iPhone and iOS cannot be completed without testing and the old method of testing procedure use to start with the list of applications to be reviewed and once the application is installed then it is attempted to break the performance. From the debugger views, the task was simple that the more detection of the bugs, the more it is proficiently done work. Which would evolve no strategy, motivation, and ideas? The subjective aim was to find and kill the bug.

The first step- the development of the QA process

After so many years, the very initial phase where the development of the QA was realized and the platform which served as the fundamental need in the testing procedure. QA Team works as the collaborated form assigned for the single and common purpose. Every detail it shows has the proper functionality and ability to upgrade the search outlook for the performance testing and improvement in the app.

The reviewing of design and documents

It is good to have an in-depth review of the design and architectural documentation of a project if they both are available. By reading it, you would understand the architecture, integrated components as well as how the data flow. Notice all the important elements which are interacting with the system.

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Previous testing experience

The history matters. You would need the old work reference which will further exceed the boundaries for the change-making, also the evaluation of the risks and you would know the most susceptible component which can cleft the application.

Proper research and evaluation of the past projects on the defect tool would recognize the excellence in the error correcting procedure.

Emphasis on the error detection

It’s essential to know about the factors and as much as the questions to work around your way to the identifications of the problems such as what is the things there which is creating issues in the application and why it is occurring, also dig-out the cause of the defect. Not just really relying on the developer but acquiring the if and how’s of the issues are your part of the exercise because you also would have a log file. The best way is to sort things out with your developer.

Move a step ahead in resolving the issue

If you remain focused on the testing part and its functionality than that would not work so. The chunk of QA process lies on the detection of the bug and to further reporting of the issue. You might want to think about the back-end and front-end interactions of your applications. Taking the full scaled perspective of the ends would help you determine the errors producing elements in the better way.

A sense of belonging for your own project

The QA process includes the determination of the error based not only on the software tester which can break the application but also on the continuous improvement and going some extra miles of defining the clear test strategy.  Hence, the process will conclude the substantial factors to determine your future approach in order to make the application bug free and avoiding the problem which is often consistent.

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Monitoring solutions

The process will judge the criteria that the solutions are not only resolved but they are actually monitored in the user’s spectrum. How the application would be like with or without the changes. Different approaches can be used in this perspective and be vigilant is the main requirement.

In the end, You can get the high-performance design and features in the app to adjust it well in the market but for sure QA is dealing well and have progressed with the app development both in android and Ios. Some of the great resources can be found in your own research about how to provide the excellent QA interface within your own project to make the application successful and high-rating and well-practiced from the user’s end.

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