The 5 Most Important Qualities Of Efficient Construction Project Managers

Ensuring accountability in the construction management process is a complex process that involves social interaction and combines the efforts of multiple skilled workers, numerous detailed tasks, all under the guidance of a project manager. A project manager plays a key role to guarantee the success of a project. The job comes with the requirement of certain skill sets that would allow the manager to multitask and oversee various departments simultaneously. Irrespective of the size of the project, construction project managers need to coordinate, delegate tasks, communicate, ensure the completion of the project and ultimately provide leadership.

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Here are the 5 most important qualities of an effective construction project manager.

Delegate Tasks

A construction project involves the participation of a number of people, be it the manual labors, contractors, subcontractors or those working from the back office. It is therefore important for project managers to be accountable for all the project members and be able to delegate and coordinate tasks throughout the lifecycle of a project.
A project manager must also oversee every minute detail of the construction project;micro-management is a recipe for avoiding failure. Delegating tasks may include picking different workers with a diverse set of duties to perform or even specific activities or delegating a set of workers to oversee a certain aspect of the project. An efficient project manager woulddeputea task and then back off to allow assigned members to do their tasks, but at the same time remaining approachable for issue resolution.


An efficient and skilled project manager needs to have a clear and proper understanding of the expected outcome of a project. Apart from having that understanding, a good project manager also inspires those who are working for and under them to share their vision. It allows all project members to work towards a defined and shared goal, and everyone can work according to their full potential.


It’s not unknown that one of the key factors that ensure the success of a construction project is unhinged communication. Without proper interaction, things could quickly go astray and workers wouldn’t be able to perform to the best of their abilities. This could easily result in delays, errors and even mistakes. A successful project manager needs to keep track of all the on-goings of the project and ensure that swift actions are taken immediately when any issues are raised. It is also important for them to ensure that all project members are on the same page when it comes to updates and alterations in plans.

Problem Solving

One can only stay positive and believe that nothing would go wrong when it comes to a construction project. Nonetheless, it is not always possible to predict the various roadblocks that may arise. Therefore, project managers must rise to the occasion when a problem starts to take shape. Problem-solving skills are particularly fundamental when it comes to project management.

Prioritize Activities

Throughout the lifecycle of a construction project, it becomes important for project managers to frequently reconsider and review the current project’s status and accordingly prioritize tasks and activities. So, workers may need to be assigned new tasks while other important tasks at hand. Therefore, a project manager has to prioritize, which activity to take up first and delegate.

The best of project managers develop these skills and utilize them to their best of abilities, to ensure project success. To make things easier, construction project managers can take the assistance of construction project management software like SKYSITE . Designed for the AEC/O industry, it ensures enhanced construction document management, keeps all team members on the same page, minimizes chances of error and rework, and ensures a project to be completed within stipulated time and budget.

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