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The world of outsourcing is at the tip of technology evolutions that are transforming the way companies used to do business comprehensively. India, being the hub of technology, is without fail walking hand-in-hand with the latest technological advancements in the market.

For the last two decades, India is the leading nation to provide outsourcing services to the business, not only in the USA but to the entire world. Few other countries that line up just behind India are China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Still, companies in the USA are more inclined towards India when it comes to choosing their outsourcing destination. Big cats of the business world such as Amazon, American Express, Ford, General Electric, Microsoft, and Apple are just some of the long list of the companies that route towards India for their outsourcing requirements.

So, what is so special about the third-world nation India that compels even the Fortune 500 companies to delegate their business functions here?

India and outsourcing

Last 20 years have seen India rising as the biggest fish in the outsourcing sea. Over the time, India has re-invented its image from being a mere outsourcing destination to a place where businesses head to gain profitability, stability, high customer engagement, and superior service experience.

India has successfully managed to sustain the inevitable growth of its service sector while gaining prowess and knowledge in other industries too. There are many factors that contribute to the sustainability of India as the favorite outsourcing destination for the business owners in the USA. Some of them are:

Cost factor

Well, business means profit. If you are not able to generate profit from your business, then what are you doing?

To generate business, it is highly important that you invest only in the tasks that are core to your company, such as product development, testing, research, and so on.

While on the business functions such as customer support, you wouldn’t want to heavily invest.

This said, the cost to hire a technical support expert at the beginner’s level in the USA is around 4 times higher than to hire the same in India.

Also, the cost to recruit a customer support executive is 8 times higher than to get the same expert in India.

So, when you outsource to India, you are saving valuable capital that you can, later on, invest in your business’s core tasks.

Tech-savvy nation

One of the most compelling factors that rank India as the leader in the outsourcing sector is its ability to cope with the technological advancements happening all across the globe.

Eminent Indian call centers are known to install the latest technology and advanced tools that help them to offer a superior level of customer experience. A lot of other nations such as Philippines and Ireland have come up in the race of the leading outsourcing nations, but no one has been able to even come near India, owing to the technology edge that this nation possesses.

Experience counts

There is no doubt that the level of service that the agents of the Indian call centers are able to provide to the customers is just incomparable to any other nation’s experts. Obviously, the call center industry here is more than 2 decades old and so the professionals are anyhow well-versed with the complexities and the solutions of the outsourcing strategy.

The swiftness with which Indian BPOs agents are able to take a decision and assist customers leaves every other country’s call centers way behind.

The technical professionals

Every year, around 1.5 million engineers graduate in India. 1.5 million! Damn! This is a lot considering there are businesses across the United States that are seeking cheap and quality technical assistance for their customers.

This is a major reason that the giants such as Amazon have established a research center in Bangalore India. No other nation can offer you such a huge number of qualified experts ready for your service at a price three or four times less than what you can hire in the USA.

Superior level of customer engagement

Indian call centers owing to their experience and prowess have mastered the skill to evoke loyalty in the customers.

The call center managers here make sure to hook up a customer to their brands by regular follow-ups, providing incentives, having one-on-one conversations and giving exclusive privileges.

So, if you are looking for quality customer assistance along with some exceptional level of engagement, then India would be an ideal choice to outsource. There are lots of call center softwares which is used for better communication.

The dialect gala

India is only second to the USA in terms of having the largest English speaking population. An approximate of 125 million people in India are fluent in the English language.

So, for the business owners sitting in the USA worrying about the cultural or language barrier, India has an abundance of experience and English speaking professionals.

Final words

There is absolutely zero doubt that outsourcing has been a game-changing experience for the companies across the globe, but businesses in the USA gets the most benefit from Indian call centers. Hiring a B2B call center is also another great option to improve brand image.

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