How to Find a Trained Security Guard in Auckland?

security guard in Auckland

How to Find a Trained Security Guard in Auckland?

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Are you in search of a well-trained and experienced security guard? We have brought you some tips to know you are placing trust on the right person for the security of your family and property in Auckland.

  1. Ask the guard to take a test with some important security questions that a security guard of Level 2 or 3 must be aware of. This helps you know his qualification.
  2. Take a secret test for verbal conflict handling skills. Pretend being a complaining customer during conversation and notice the response.
  3. Ask the security guard about his experience in Auckland in handling security in a business or residential property. You can also ask for proof and demonstration of their work in a trial by giving an explaining the common security issues in your property.
  4. Hand over them 2 photographs and ask them to look at the persons for at least 5 seconds. Now, ask them to describe the persons in the picture with minute details. If they can’t identify photographs, they will surely make mistakes in darkness and with that adrenaline flow.
  5. Know their last performance assessment date and the questions their security manager ask them. Also ask their performance rating.
  6. As them to show you how they will handle a criminal behaviorin your home or workplace (if you hire them for the business place). Do they already have plans for it or they are simply waiting for the size to be revealed on a real attack.
  7. Hold personal interviews with every security guard the security company recommends you before making the final call. While taking interviews, remember to conduct the above discussed tests to ensure you make a right decision.
  8. Pay equal attention to the verbal skill level while you take the interview. Mark the number of incorrect words and long pauses they took while answering your questions. This is a clear indication of poor comprehension and verbal ability during a decent conversation. If you find any such signs, know that the guard will definitely struggle in handling security incidents.
  9. Ask for how long they have been working with the present security company. Generally, security companies have higher turnover and send inexperienced security guards to the clients every months or even worse. They stay in the habit of using sub-contracted security guards for investigations in Auckland without any quality and qualifications for the job.

To hire the best security guard in Auckland, keeping these tips in mind is essential. These tips are quite obligatory to follow as it helps you know the person’s skills and qualification better



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