A Brief Discussion on Your Windscreen Repair

Windscreen Repair

We know life’s so uncertain, but what we don’t know is so is our car windscreens. The moment you’re driving down the road and the very next moment a stone flies from nowhere and hits your windscreen. This must have happened to you or one of your friends. Such an untoward incident obviously pushes you into a state of shock. It is important to overcome the shock and regain control over your mind the very moment or it can lead to a nasty road accident. It is also important to get the windscreen repaired at the earliest.

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Before you go for windscreen repair, you must know the extent of the damage . The impact will either creater a chip or a crack on the glass. There are two different repairing processes for the two types of damages. Let’s first discuss repairing chipped windscreens. 

A chipped windscreen

A chipped windscreen occurs frequently and thankfully, the problem is easy to solve. However, don’t read too much in between the lines here and just get your chipped windscreen repaired at the earliest. Else, it may develop into a crack sooner than you may expect and costing more on the repair.

Windscreen repair under insurance

Remember, a chipped windscreen is always better than a cracked one. This is because, you don’t need to replace a chipped one whereas a cracked windscreen repair is invariably much expensive, as it requires the windscreen itself to be throughly replaced. If your windscreen is insured, just call the insurance provider, so that they can inspect the damage and release the necessary funds for the repair.

Windscreen repairing procedure

The procedure is quite simple and hardly lasts for half an hour. It is preferred to perform this in a dry weather. However, in a rainy weather they can always put up a waterproof canopy and work under it.

  • First, any dirt suspended at the point of impact is removed
  • Resin is injected into the damaged part
  • A UV lamp is blowed over it

The next thing is you can drive away the car back home or any other destination.

Cracked windscreen

As mentioned earlier, a cracked windscreen needs to the thoroughly replaced. A cracked windscreen may also drive you to serious consequences, if it’s left unattended or untreated. Cracked windscreen replacement requires professional expertise and you shouldn’t try it out yourself. A professional may repair a windscreen crack without replacing the windscreen itself, something that you may miss out while working on a DIY mode.

The steps to replace a cracked windscreen

A cracked windscreen replacement involves the following steps:

  • Taking precautions so that the vehicle’s body doesn’t get damaged while removing the windscreen glass
  • An adhesive agent is applied to hold the new windscreen in place
  • Put the new windscreen in place
  • Mop carefully to remove any dirt


The overall procedure lasts anywhere in between one and two hours. You’ve to wait an hour more, after the new windscreen has been installed in place, before driving away home.

It is better to have comprehensive insurance policy for your vehicle so that, issues like windscreen repair don’t dig a hole in your pocket.

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