3 Reasons You Should Own a Generator

If you live in an area commonly struck by storms like the Philippines, generator sets are a must in your home. It should be common to have a backup generator set permanently installed and ready to use when the power goes out.

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Most of these generator sets are powered by diesel, gasoline, or even natural gas so you do not lack options. It can keep your home or business running for days or even weeks; as long as it takes for reliable power to be restored.

A generator set is not just a necessity in the Philippines, it can also be an investment, so here are 3 reasons why you should own a generator.


It only takes a few hours for the temperature inside your refrigerator or freezer to start rising, even if the door is closed shut. The rate at which food becomes unsafe to eat then increases dramatically once your refrigerator reaches a temperature of 40 degrees. The temperature then rises again every time the refrigerator or freezer door is opened.

Food begins to thaw at 32 degrees and during a blackout where power for your appliances is unavailable, some freezers may take as little as 12 hours to reach the thaw point. A generator set in your Philippine home can keep your food from thawing and spoiling even through extended power outages. You can be sure to have a steady food supply even if a blackout lasts days or even weeks.

Cooling and heating

The cooling and heating systems in your home do more than provide safety and comfort for your family.

A good heating system prevents pipes from freezing and bursting that can lead to a devastating flood. A pipe that leads to your home can carry hundreds of liters of water per hour. If you are not home to turn off the water supply or call a plumber to fix the pipes, the resulting flood can cause thousands in damages.

Keeping your air conditioner running during a power outage, on the other hand, might mean the difference between a long restless night and a good night’s sleep since summer humidity and heat can take its toll quickly on people.

Medical equipment

The use of medical equipment in most homes has significantly increased over the past two decades. Wheelchair lifts, ventilators, oxygen concentrators home dialysis equipment, CPAP machines, and equipment for paraplegics and quadriplegics all need electrical power.

Many of these devices need to run off of an uninterruptible power supply and while these often have batteries, those are only designed to last for a short time. Generator sets supply utility-grade power can keep your home medical equipment operational when standard power is unavailable. You can rest well knowing that you or your family member remain safe during a blackout.

Key Takeaway

Generator sets can be a very important part of your life especially as someone who lives in one of the most typhoon-prone areas in the world. If you are someone who places the safety and comfort of your family over anything else, purchasing your own generator set ensures that you are able to, no matter the situation.

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