7 Optional Features of Online Cab Booking Apps


Whenever you want to venture out of your house, getting a ride to your destination could be a cause of worry. With the advancement of technology, online on-demand apps have become the new flavour. So whether it is a business trip you need to go to on, or going to your office or to your best friend’s wedding, you can look for a good online taxi booking app which can make the ride to your destination simpler and easy.

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A Taxi booking app helps you to relax and enjoy a peaceful and hassle-free journey, while the app takes care of a number of things from the passenger, driver and the business owner’s perspective.

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Some of the standard features a standard Taxi booking app must have is :

  • Auto payment feature
  • Driver rating
  • Google places and maps (displaying the map with interactive info)
  • GPS availability
  • Booking a travel request
  • Message Alerts
  • Search Facility
  • Price Calculator
  • Real time tracking facility

The development team of a Taxi booking app are always on the lookout for adding on new features to the app in order to entice customers and increase business revenue. Some of the additional features that a company can benefit from, by including them into their app is as follows:

Passenger App section:

Split fare with fare estimate

The ride expense can be reduced if the customer chooses to split his fare with other fellow riders. This is possible if they are sharing a cab. Customers will also receive a fare estimate to select the vehicle that best suits their budget.

Share Trip

Customers can easily share their journey details with friends and family.

This will be a dedicated menu where you can manage all your past and upcoming bookings. Bookings.

Favorite Places

You may add locations like “Home”, “Work”, “Your Friend’s place”, “Your favorite Club”etc. as your favourites and choose them from the drop down menu to enter them as your destination or pick-up.

Pickup Suggestions

You get an option to pick a place from search history, saved places and autocomplete.

Destination Suggestions

The app gives you Drop point suggestions based on your trip history and favorite places. The App will have in-built maps with which you just need to enter the drop location in the app while booking or boarding and the driver will be able to navigate there without bothering you for directions.

Corporate Profiles

This feature allows you to have a separate record of your work travel, making it easy for you to segregate it from personal travel and generate invoices for reimbursement claims from your organization.

Availability updates

This feature assists you in knowing about cab availability in your vicinity even when the app is running in the background. When you move away from the app, you will get a notification as soon as there are cabs available near you.

Driver application section

The cloud-based dispatch solution provided by the app can have following add-ons apart form the standard features.

Manage trip requests

With this feature, the driver can monitor all the passenger requests that has been assigned to him and better manage his tasks. They will also receive timely alert notifications.

Go for street pick-ups

This feature eliminates the waiting time of your drivers for another ride request, by allowing them to choose street pick-up option so that they can pick up passengers along a specific route they are already traveling by.

Daily trip reports

A detailed report of daily income in addition to a detailed summary of the completed and upcoming rides is available. This helps your drivers to monitor their earnings and rides.

Driver referral activity

Referrals rewards given to your drivers not only boosts up their morale but also leads to extra earnings by them. This will encourage them to invite their friends to partner with your taxi company or to become a driver.


An app is never complete without several add-on services. You need to have a localized call center service number that can answer to customer queries round the clock. An emergency or a SOS contact number should be shared with every user to ensure complete security. Also, the app should have the facility to be displayed in more than one selected languages.

Customized Services:

The number of apps that want to tap on the growing need of online taxi booking space is growing enormously and should be tapped properly by the app developers. You may like to integrate more user friendly and functional features in your taxi booking mobile app to increase your app’s popularity. Some of the best examples for this is a FAQ section in the app, referral codes, an emergency button, etc. Keep your options open and be ready to innovate.


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